Best New Balance 624V2 Women’s Cross Training Shoes Review


New Balance 624v2 women’s cross training shoes are the featured product from vendors to ensure the users that they have something unique surrounded by magnificence. Are you fond of sports activities? This is a refined product of a qualified rubber sole ensuring the support to sports. The perfection of this product can’t be defined in some paraphrases, as much good this is, feet fitted, versatile, anti-shocking, feasible, reliable, comfortable and lot more features are its main tags.

Anti-shocking cushions complete them by securing the trainers from unconscious imbalanced shocks. Shocks are absorbed by these highly approved cushions. Mid soles renovate its usage to let you know that if you are thinking for some training sessions, you shouldn’t forget the real brand, New Balance, which is the name of a trust.

Today to talk to you about the New Balance 624V2 one of my favourite shoes to run in it had been the New Balance WW577 for a kid. They went through two different iterations the 624 and then the Borah k. Which was 624V2 and this was the first true that New Balance had that used their fresh ball a new type of foam that they used for the midsoles of their shoes in both iterations of the Best CrossFit Shoe For Women. I got over 500 miles on them before I felt like I had to retire. Which is a very long time for me going through the shoe and when your marathon training is much appreciated just for straight-up value, unfortunately, the Borah K has been discontinued it has been replaced by the new 1080.

Which is an 8-millimetre drop that is using the fresh for a minute and it comes at a higher price point so that value has been somewhat eliminated for me personally. What I know I’m looking towards is the news on tape the first thing you notice when compared to the 4k is that the bottom is much more contoured. It’s not a straight rubber outsole on there and when you run that I felt like we did an excellent job getting the bottom shaped correctly to where you feel like the forefoot contact is really prioritized.

You may not be able to see it as much but there is a difference and there’s actually a little bit of depth between these and the heel portion and in addition. They still have this sort of thicker rubber around the heel just for your heel strike kind of even that out the fresh foam is still on these ones and I really love this.

Appearance of New Balance 624V2 Women’s Cross Training Shoes




So it felt like my stride is very snappy very fast I wore the original 624v2 for anything from backwards to racing up to 10 miles the only thing that it fell short in is that it’s pretty thin compared to the 4k in terms of cushioning and the rubber on the bottom wasn’t as thick. So if I ran 10 miles in a training run or 11 miles on a training run some days I would you have somewhat of Sora forefoot the next stage. There wasn’t much protection there those qualities I think they really corrected in the new version of the sign thing. It still has a six-millimetre drop and back-to-front studies as the fresh foam still have that contoured bottom.

Which it feels so great and snappy they changed the upper a little bit made a tattoo piece but still over saying their movie fit collar that makes it kind of feel like a sock. When you try it but the two biggest updates are that they add a little bit of foam to the midsole for a little extra protection and they thickened up the rubber on the bottom. So you get a little bit more responsiveness it doesn’t flex quite as much on you and it’s a good thing.

Performance of New Balance 624V2 Women’s Cross Training Shoes


When you’re looking for more leverage or more protection for the foot, in short, this shoe at $100 has become a great value proposition just like the bar okay the 624 V2 was for me last night. I put this shoe right up there with the grips launched in terms of those looking for a lightweight snappy ride that still offers protection and I now think I can use this as an everyday trainer. Which is a big deal for me it still retains that snappy lightweight feel? I think a good segment of the Marathoning population will find this a very suitable flat for race day.

I’ll use these for short morning runs they’re inexpensive but they break down quickly I have noticed a little bit of pain on my foot and I think that’s because the way the lace is laid. I was tying it too tight across the bridge of my foot which is why I have this padding right here. So as I experience that pain I just have my shoes a little differently and that pain has been alleviated. I’d recommend this shoe to anyone who doesn’t need a ton of support to get through their training and likes a quick responsive shoe that feels good to run.



  • Leather-And-Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Wide fit
  • Versatile neutral trainer
  • Breathability
  • Great for the variety of sports activities
  • Features ABZORB in the heel


  • Not greatly valid for walking
  • Inappropriate for concrete grounds


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