Best New Balance WW577 Women’s Cross Training Shoes Review


New Balance WW577 women’s cross training shoes are responsible for serious walking strategies along with extensive quality by its producers. What a shoe! Made and assembled perfectly in the United States of America. A fine rubber sole is considered its qualified base on which it lies with an honour. Every woman wants her feet between the walls of comfort and flexibility, and this is only possible by trusting New Balance WW577.

Woahhhh, that leather upper with padded colour, CrossFit Shoes provides the relaxing environment for kind feet of women. It is rarely possible to get that best class anywhere else. Missed ant shocking cushioning? No, how can this article miss that aiding feature! Shock-absorbing cushions are its pillars which delivers their role while sustaining the balance of the wearer. Not much not less, it’s quite simple, if you are searching something for your sensational feet, go for them.

Today I am going to review on WW577. I got the New Balance WW577 shoe actually came out last year. I’m really excited about this one does this one I really like I think this is the best New Balance that ever came out of this building. I know a lot of people you know probably say oh it’s not that serious or whatever but there is really serious to me for some sort of odd reason. I got them from when they released last year. I actually saw the green one and I knew I had to have this shoe and once I saw you know it came out it was going to be two different colourways. I should know it’s an amazing looking shoe but anyways tell you a little bit more about the shoe you got your suede all around the side of the shoe as you just see you got your New Balance cat.

I’m going to hop right into it these drop the like a month and a half ago or something like that. As you can see made in England new balance we’re going to get right into some quality and detail alignment on these bad boys. I’m going to pick this one up and leave the other one down again normally do as you can see on the mid panel here you got a nice Horine a leather whore wean or whatever anyway the material on that she was super fire I did of my closet or somewhat of my recent pickups I did throw this in there the quality is very nice you got a little bit of paper and stuff from inside the box but let’s get into the rest of the shoe above that mid panel.

Features of New Balance WW577 Women’s Cross Training Shoes



You got the New Balance logo both in suede and new buck on the upper and the end in this tan colour weight. You got a nice little new buck hit on the upper portion of the grommet area mesh it leading towards the ankle count or the right here in the ankle counter. It’s like a greenish grey kind of and then you have and I don’t know what material this is I don’t it’s like a leather or it’s definitely leather. It’s just a little tougher than normal not as soft as the whore. We know obviously, I’m proportion in the Healy’s area you have your New Balance hitting this tan call away with a burgundy stitch in for the monochrome very nice rolling into the medial side.

We’ll get to the rest of the forefront to the shoe same thing on the ankle counter you got a little bit of mesh and that green. It’s like a green-grey burgundy hit like I said in the upper grommet area you got your whore wheel again mirrored on both sides with your monochrome on the knee. The New Balance 623v3 logo very soft this leather was like kind of crazy. I haven’t worn them yet as you can see but I will at some point you got a steel grey wrap on the toe wrap leading on both sides. As you can see taupe cap is that same mesh that’s in the ankle counter area and the lower portion of the tongue leading into the upper portion the tongue.

New Balance made in England very clean surplus on the footbed of the shoe. You got green laces that came in here I think there was another lease option. I could be wrong not just a green lace option I came in here kind of matches with the rest of the shoe and the toe box tongue and ankle counter area overall very clean shoe. These are an at least 10 and a half I’m not mistaken they do run TTS but you guys do know that I like my shoes a little bit more snug.

The Appearance of New Balance WW577 Women’s Cross Training Shoes


Let me grab the other shoe so you’re not looking at this I will do some on feet’s for you or on foot whatever you want to go with materials fire definitely worth the price point. You don’t have a 3m hit in the portion of the toe box and the midbody of the shoe. It’s just a beige suede I don’t like sometimes they throw that I don’t know 3m in there but I don’t think you really needed on the shoe.

They weren’t heavy on the quality of this bad boy so this colour matches the beige area and the Achilles portion of the shoe very fire clean good shoe. The overall midsole is as follows you got a couple different shades you got great towards the mid front on the medial side Navy on the midbody of that and then a sail white that wraps all the way around to both sides and then that mirror.

I’m glad they did that too because you know just makes it more exclusive and more special to have these and the whole law the whole going half-size down. It’s true so really do go a half size down because if you do you’re true to size it’s more likely to be big around here and a lot of people were talking about like the toe. You know the toe cap being all you know messed up or whatever I don’t really see that much you know anything wrong with it besides it being stiff. But I think it’s stiff for a reason you know because of the execution so it doesn’t get all crumpled and everything.



  • Leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Rubber sole
  • Classic walking shoe featuring leather upper
  • Padded collar and stitched logo on each side
  • ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Walking Strike Path outsole flex groove


  • The midsole is not there
  • You may not find your favourite colours



New Balance is offering high-quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their speciality. Most of them are an all-rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

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