Nike Air Max 97 Womens Silver Running Shoe Review 2019

Nike Air Max 97

Today I’ll be showing you one of my latest pickups the Nike Air Max 97 Womens Silver Running Shoe Bullet which hasn’t re-released in its OG form since 2012 this year 2017 marks the silhouettes 20th anniversary and Nike ended up dropping a special limited version in Italy only. Back in October that was nearly impossible to get your hands on more pairs were released in the States and in Europe last month but not many retailers released pairs online making them hard to cop they were also available in men’s and women’s sizes. I got lucky and was able to grab a pair online let me know down below if you copped or if you’re still waiting for a wider stateside release hopefully that will happen soon but Nike hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet now.

Nike Air Max 97 Womens Silver 20TH Anniversary Review

Let’s check out the shoe the inspiration for the design came from water ripples in a pond the ripples on the upper pop one light hits the 3m which is always dope another fun fact about the Air Max 97. It was the first Air Max model to feature a full-length air unit the air units also possess different psi to help cushion your feet in various strike zones the original version actually had the PSI written on the outsole but the new version doesn’t overall the quality is amazing.

It’s definitely not worth it quality and tech wise I’m sure older sneakerheads would agree to size wise. I want true to size and they fit perfectly you could probably even do a half size up which would give you a little wiggle room. This retro and one additional colorway or colorways you’re anticipating I really hope Nike drops the gold colorway that would be a must cop stick around for the on feet.

Overview of Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97

The surprise package from Nike runner and inside that package were these so these are the air max 97 quick strike in the Silver Bullet colorway. So first off a huge thank you goes out to Nike Toronto from hooking me up with these Air Max 97 inside the box was also this personalized card that reads all aboard. The Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet makes its return after 20 years swoosh BAM at Nike Toronto the official colorway for this shoe is metallic silver varsity red white and black. Locally these were available at select champs Foot Locker and the foot action store as well as the Nike running store in the event center as well as select boutiques such as livestock and capsule so first off this Ermac 27 solar bullet colorway is widely considered as one of the pillars of the Air Max line along with the white red Air Max.

Ones the infrared 90s and neon 95s these four shoes are widely considered as the top four Air Max models as well as the colorways of the respective models these were designed by Christian Chesser and they debuted back in 1997 which was 20 years ago. The design behind these Air Max 97 is said to be inspired by the Japanese high-speed bullet trims back when this release this was widely considered a very futuristic design so as you can tell this side panel on both sides of the shoe are made up of these different layers of leather. The 3m and mesh in different tones of white and gray we can see that how these curved lines right here gives us a very dynamic and aggressive booking silhouette.

Construction of Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97

As I mentioned earlier there is 3m on this upper which gives it that reflective property when there’s flash hitting the shoe so this can be found on these top three lines right here which make its way around the side of the shoe and around the toe box before making its way back to the back here. There’s also 3m found along the tongue running up and around this logo right here the tongue is made up of this great mesh material that is quite soft to the touch and the laces on these are your standard ropes always done in the metallic silver color the back of the tongue as well as the interior liner of the chute is done in black and taking a look. At the back heel, there is this pull tab done in a combination of black parsley red and metallic silver text that reads Airmax aside from that there’s also a varsity red swoosh found right here on both the lateral as well as the medial side along with a Nike swoosh.

On this tongue pull tab on the top right here another point of significance for the Air Max 97 is that it’s the very first shoe in the AIRMATIC line that featured this full-length one-piece air bubble so historically. What we found was that there was an air bubble in the heel and an air bubble in the forefoot but for this shoe, this features the full-length Air Max bubble that starts from the forefoot makes its way down the length of the shoe and end on the back heel. Sandwich between the upper and the air global is this white foam material that features a Nike swoosh on the back I do have to say though that this foam portion is painted on and it’s quite obvious for some pairs so for certain pairs.

I hope that you can really see the brushstrokes and it’s not quite as even as it should be flipping the shoe to the bottom we have your classic Air Max 97 outsole that’s done in a combination of white with hits of varsity red and black rubber. The insoles on these 97 are completely removable and they are done completely in black and they feature this metallic silver Nike swoosh that’s found on the heel in terms of sizing based on opinions. Nike shoes like the flying a tracer the brochure the Air Max one Air Max 90 all of these across-the-board. There are visible paint strokes that found on this little area and along with this, there’s also some slight blue stains that sound along the upper as well as some fraying on the actual laces of this ship overall though it’s not something.



  • Durable – The rubber outsole increases the durability. Consumers reported enjoying the product even after several months of usage.
  • Fashionable – Most of the comments agreed on the trendiness of the product.
  • Comfortable – Consumers reported liking the way their feet felt inside the shoes after several hours of having them on. Great for long walks.
  • High-Quality Material – The combination of leather with synthetic leathers and the fabric mesh where considered to be high-quality materials and durable.
  • Versatile – Nike Air Max 97 goes well as a sophisticated lifestyle-piece as well as running shoes.
  • Colorways – Sneakerheads will most likely want all the colorways. But even more, moderate users will appreciate the variety and uniqueness of each piece.


  • Run small – This is not really a con, but if you know it beforehand make sure you go half a size up and you are good to go!
  • Rigid – Few users complained about the stiffness of the shoes, but be patient, don’t give up on your Nike Air Max 97 just yet, give it a break-in period and you are all set!



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