Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Women’s Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Womens Running Shoe

Highly provided delicacy for the delicate personalities. Mizuno Wave Creation 17 women’s Running shoe is sufficiently cushioned to assist you in running on long miles but really very light weighted to speed you up throughout your sprinting. It is a perfect pick forever flawless collection of Mizuno wave creation women’s running shoes.
If we give a glance to the fabrication, we can see one of the finest fabrics used in this unit. Import quality uplift and enhance the whole performance and appearance. The rubber sole makes it lightweight so the runner can move fast. Additional supportive midfoot wrap makes it easy to run long without pain in the midfoot area. Wave bounces back system fires up the performance and makes the runner feel light weighted and speed him up. 3D fit assists the feet to go fit in the shoe perfectly with breathable space.

Appearance of Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Women’s Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Women’s Running Shoe

These are a pretty cool shoe they’ve got a really interesting sole on them you know I was kind of concerned that they might be a little harsh when running not the case they are actually very comfortable I ran a half marathon just yesterday and that’s the longest distance I’ve run in them and I was very comfortable and there were no hot spots what can I say they’re a good-looking shoe. They’re well padded inside, of course, you can’t see that cut they’re black inside the laces don’t have to be replaced they hold really well.

Performance of Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Women’s Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Womens Running Shoe

The performance of this shoes excellent and it is an amazing shoe for running. They’re made of a nylon they don’t come loose pretty cool they are vented really well I like that once again. You don’t get hot spots your feet don’t sweat and therefore friction that doesn’t happen the rest of the sole you’ll have to pardon that but the rest of the sole the construction is really nice. The rubber has a relatively hard compound so I think they’re going to last quite a while if you’re looking at getting these I’d recommend them I have no issues with them.



  • Fabrication is splendid
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Shaft measures round about 2.25” from arch
  • Breathable
  • Excellent holding
  • High miles run compatibility
  • Bounce back heel
  • Forefoot cushioning
  • Removable insole
  • Import quality


  • Suitable for only flat-footed runners
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