Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Women’s Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Womens Running Shoe

Mizuno wave creation women’s running shoe presents Mizuno wave creation 14 women’s Running shoe with ultimate protection. Cheer up your athletic skills with this striking pair of shoes. It is a complete package that beautifully comes fit the shape of the foot and also a very comfortable article that gives a delightful underfoot feeling. Infinity wave system in the heel gives smoothness and soothing effect like a cushion to the feet. DynaMotion Fit System let the shoe fit in the form of your natural shape of the foot. These features combine to create the best fusion of smart fast driven run with lightweight feeling. Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 14 Shoe Weight: 9.7 oz.

Appearance of Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Women’s Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Womens Running Shoe

The Wave Creation is among Mizuno’s premium neutral trainers (Wave Enigma is the other). Its most distinguishing feature is the lack of midsole foam in the heel. Instead, the Creation utilizes a uniquely designed Wave plate to deliver cushioning. As a result of this design, the Creation looks very much like a concept shoe, but it is made for everyday training. Mizuno was revamping the uppers on this season’s lineup while maintaining the only units unchanged. So, there are a number of alterations to the upper. But the changes are not as drastic as those made to the Inspire 9 along with the Rider 16. Unlike the Inspire 9 and the Rider 16, the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 didn’t shed any overlays. The overlay pattern remains the same, but the substances have been reduced, which results in small weight savings. In my hands, the forefoot doesn’t bend very easily. This is because of the Flex Controllers the 2 bands at the outsole, which are designed to slow down the foot on ground contact and provide a receptive toe-off. I believe that the layout is a success on the run, as it results in a very smooth ride. Though I feel this technology works well on the run, people who want an extremely flexible forefoot might not have to the Creation. Like the Enigma, the Creation includes a full span Wave plate. But unlike the Enigma, the Wave plate at the Creation is two-tiered starting from the midfoot through the heel.

This design makes the Creation very stiff side-by-side. Of all of the Mizuno neutral trainers, the Creation is easily very torsionally rigid. For a runner using a flexible foot but that does not encounter overpronation, this rigidity will be a welcomed feature. However, a runner whose foot is much more rigid, the rigidity of this Creation may cause some fit issues. I had to loosen the laces to prevent my arches from cramping, and also this looseness, consequently, caused my heel to slip. The heel counter is quite stiff. When I push down on it or squeeze it, it barely moves. Again, for somebody who needs some construction but doesn’t like the conventional lateral pole, this stiffness will be a welcomed feature. Underneath the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 retains everything exactly the same, carrying over the only unit in the 13.Mizuno running shoes have a reputation for a company and responsive feel. The Creation is probably the firmest of this total Mizuno neutral line. I have trained a lot from the Rider, the Precision, along with the Enigma, and the stability of the Creation has been an alteration. After I corrected, I found the Production to have a fairly smooth transition from toe-to-heel.

Performance of Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Women’s Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Women’s Running Shoe

The heel aspect of the unit, as I said previously, is composed of a two-tiered plastic Wave plate, rather than the traditional EVA foam. To take whole advantage of this unique design, a runner has to make a lot of impact forces in the mind. Otherwise, the dual layer of plastic in the heel does not add much to the ride. In fact, a midfoot striker might not find enough cushion from the Creation and might be better off going with the Enigma.Another intriguing characteristic of the heel is that it is decoupled. Decoupling the heel will smooth out the trip, but it might lead to another matter too. I’ve heard complaints of the Creation wearing down in the heel. After about 60+ miles, I didn’t observe any of early wear, but I suspect that those who’ve might be striking between the decoupled parts of their heel.The doubled Wave plate gives the Creation what I believe is its defining feature, and that’s its torsional rigidity. I see this runner as someone with a lot of movement in their foot perhaps due to an overly flexible arch or flat foot but that does not necessarily overpronate. To get a runner with this profile, the Creation’s rigidity will offer the structure they may need for a comfortable ride while providing all the influence security of a top cushion trainer.

As I mentioned earlier, the upper features all new substances, which deliver superb comfort and breathability, all in a weight loss. Rather there is some foam inserted in the heel aspect. If the shoe fits someone nicely through the midfoot, then the foam will be enough to lock down the heel. However, if a runner, like me, has to loosen up the laces to get some room to move from the midfoot, then that runner will encounter slipping in the heel. The quality of the mesh in the forefoot gives the feet a cozy ride. However, the first overlay, directly behind the toes, sat precisely where my forefoot flexed, which began to create a hot spot.If you are already a lover of the Crossfit Shoes, then I am certain that you’ll be happy with version 14. In particular, you’ll be pleased with the new substances from the top. But if you’re not familiar with the Creation, and want to know whether it’s the right shoe for you, then I think you will find some problems of fit to think about. The specific manner the Wave plate is devised in the Creation makes the shoe perfect for a heel-striker. But more importantly, it gives the shoe a lot of rigidity, which may be unnecessary, and therefore cause match issues.



  • Sublime fabrication quality
  • Rubber sole softness
  • Shaft measures around 2.5 inches
  • Self – tie Closing
  • Excellent Gripping
  • Provides good arch support


  • Suitable for only high arched runners
  • Not compatible to wide feet
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