Best Inov8 F Lite 230 Women CrossFit Shoe Review

Inov8 F Lite 230 Women Cross-Training Shoe

The main feature of this Inov8 F-Lite 230 outsole. It is enhanced in this version of F-lite series. To enhance and increase the running performance they have used sticky rubber meld outsole. Stickiness of rubber outsole helps runner to have great grip over running experience. 2 Arrow Shoc-Zone is available to add distinction between heel and forefoot also provides you extra cushioning and ease. Met Cradle inserted to intensify the shoe fitness and gives perfect gripping. It helps you to run for long miles without getting pain in your ankles, knees and legs.

Hello I’m sake of doing a product of you on the inov8 F Lite 230 running shoe. I came about after try after running in this shoe and absolute falling in love with the more natural smaller and lighter shoes. I used to run in heavier seasonal traditional foods such as the Saucony Cohesion 3 and always had problems with my legs. It’s not feeling good I always had a tough transition time since you two to it was generally uncomfortable.

However I stumbled upon the Nike Metcon 3.0 leaf Ellen love it was so comfortable still light. I felt great running in it and it made you go faster you made this you enjoy running away after I developed the log grip in the side Zoe’s. I start looking for a new to replace those and my traditional running too i came across innovate F Lite 230 and just loved us and the simplicity of the shoe. It’s a very simple just open mess with open back upper with this almost becomes kids painted on type material that’s kind of firm.

I’m guessing it’s i find it great for stopping you from getting your feet all what you’re running in the grass in the morning and I me it does a fair job if you hit a Quig or something but if you hit a rock it’s still definitely going to feel it. I loved issue it’s really flexible it’s a little bit more it’s a lot more natural than my in a normal to it has a six in or six millimeter heel-to-toe drop. Which I find is not super noticeable coming from a few loops Wells millimeters.

Construction of Inov8 F Lite 230 Women’s Cross-Training Shoe


Inov8 F Lite 230 Women Cross-Training Shoe

I was pretty used to the 195 I’m coming into this you know it’s a little bit more of a heel a little bit more weight. There’s a lot of apprehensive about it but I cell love this you actually like it better than the 195 things. I like its breathable still feels really light weight feel like a little bit more of a shoe is a little bit sturdier but still get the benefits of a barefoot minimalist kind of shoot.  You see how it’s super flexible.

it’s super comfortable super light and for those who are really looking for a more natural running to it is almost completely seamless with a very soft comfortable material going very far into the shoe as you can see right here. It is also a glued overlay here. So there are almost no seams except for where the tongue connects to the body of the two that might offer some problems. It’s very flexible its very light however does not have an anatomic laughs and still quite thin on the front.

However though I’ve absolutely adored the shoe and I’ve done about 150 200 miles and it loved it more and more as I’ve run in it. It’s had a couple of dirty durability problems my left foot I still he’ll strike a good bit in the tube and within 150 miles. It is worn this fat quarter where I land almost completely flat whereas it should be about this thickness it kind of stinks that it got worn down so fast but then again you can. When you’re running and they can sell must’ve she was very last the bottom of the rubber it has this really grippy pattern.

Performance of Inov8 F Lite 230 Women’s Cross-Training Shoe

Inov8 F Lite 230 Women Cross-Training Shoe

you can definitely see the grip on beyond the shoe and that horn down really quickly softer rubber like script great feels great and you can’t really tell beware but it’s the significant point to mention. Also i have  a pretty wide right foot that’s a good bit shorter than my left and the ball of my foot kind of hangs over right here on my left on my right to and i developed a pretty significant hair right here.

I would have been wearing these every day for about two months just an awesome shoe probably able to buy a couple more of these that’s kind of my go-to shoe nail color. I kind of got used to and everything some of the negative things. I think somebody talked about it you’re having a rough resistance bottom and this is only a couple rope climbs right here. So I’ve torn up the bottom Fruitvale but it’s the soul’s been wearing nice I’m not getting any weird rips or you know sometimes we get separations between the soul and stuff like that but honesty is a great shoe this is my new go-to shoe and it was kind of wears out for me.




  • Nicely Fabricated
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Import quality
  • Breathable
  • Met Cradle
  • S sole
  • 2 Arrow Shoc-Zone
  • 3D Air Mesh Upper
  • EVA Midsole


  • Not so good for long running
  • Trouble in getting perfect size


Invo 8 is offering high quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

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