Best Nike Metcon 5.0 women’s Running Shoes Review 2019

Best Nike Metcon 5.0 Running Shoes

Nike Metcon 5.0 Women’s Shoes is an ideal shoe for running activities. It supports both long and short distance running. The outsole of these shoes is made up of synthetic rubber. The rubber is imported provides excellent support and ground grip. The shaft measures of these shoes are 2.4 inches high. An updated feature of these shoes is textured full inner sleeve that provides highly dynamic shock like fit and supports foot during long distance run.

Another exciting feature of these shoes is its diagonal cuts. This also encourages natural motion and flexibility to boost the foot strength. In these shoes there is a fine structure of flywire that wraps the midfoot with excellent grip. Low profile feel provides the sensation of barefoot to provide greater level comfort while performing various CrossFit activities. The outsole of these shoes have excellent flex groove provides good flexibility.

You’ll see in a second of the Nike Metcon 5.0 Women’s Shoes. Which really do win the prize for the most improved shoe year-over-year? I love about this shoe. I’ve been wearing these Best shoes For CrossFit for a long time. The model was very average but Nike made a number of meaningful improvements.  I’m very excited about first off. I did not test these runners out aside for maybe 25 minutes at Sports Authority. I actually asked the help of my girlfriend and mother. They’re pretty much just as active as I am so you get a new perspective and I get a chance to let someone else have some fun for a change.  If you’re cool with that and I really do hope that you are let’s get to it.

While Nike made a number of small changes that are collectively a huge deal most of them surround one idea and that is less is more and with that they’ve dramatically reduced the material all over the shoe. They’re thinner lighter and from what I had been told and experienced briefly myself far more comfortable than last year’s model. The heel has less material the toe and the side panels have less and to top it off. They now have a real tongue if you have the model. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about having a real tongue is a godsend. They also just feel great on your feet though you should think about ordering up one half sizes.

You have the new mesh design. It’s the most flexible shoe for the outsole ever recorded to date right now. That’s why the shoe is still comfortable it provides grip so you’re running on wet surfaces. You have traction on your shoe. This is very comfortable inside you could replace it. There are various brands producing high quality Best Women’s CrossFit shoes.  You know these are easily replaceable but you don’t have to worry about that because this shoe lasts about five good miles on the run. They’re very good for long distance. I chlorine them for casual wear as you can see looks really nice.

Performance of Nike Metcon 5.0 Running Shoes


Best Nike Metcon 5.0 Running Shoes

The upper is a new material that’s super soft and flexible and the flex grooves seem to function just as advertised moving with the natural motion of your foot also the outsole is cushiony yet oddly firm. So it absorbs impact and it resists a little. Which is really nice so they’re great for mid-range runs or longer runs and for the gym and for walking around day-to-day? You shouldn’t have any issues with the Nike Metcon 5.0. While last year when you guys asked me 5.0 or Nike Metcon 4.0 the answer was really easy Nike Metcon 4.0 without a doubt this year that is a lot more difficult to make and basically it comes down to whether you want a shoe that’s more minimalist the Nike Metcon 4.0 s or slightly less minimalist the Nike Metcon 5.0. But they still have elements of a minimalist shoe and of a proper running shoe which is really nice.

As a very unique design perhaps like people have called it like it looks like a soccer shoe. I like it way better than last year’s model. I mean if you clearly loves the back looks way better the side looks way better than the model on the top. It has a very sleek black look to it and it’s a very much more breathable shoe because they use the file on material. Which is new to the Nike? It’s new to the Nike Company and they’re trying to get more you know unique litter designs. So if you’re looking to buy very good shoe in the market go with the free runner Nike Metcon 5.0 finish line TASM Foot Locker you know try to get a good deal on these

Nike Metcon 5.0 Running Shoes Opinion


Best Nike Metcon 5.0 Running Shoes

Now I did asked repeatedly for negatives I get that you like these shoes. I get that they’re breathable lightweight and comfortable and great for running. They better be great for running but what doesn’t you like about them and here’s what I heard number one. They’re expensive at least my mom thinks they are and I tend to agree on principle. But a hundred dollars isn’t really all that expensive for running shoes.

I know these were an $80 sometimes on sale weeks but yeah I’ve been wearing these around school. I’ve been wearing them to the gym right after it’s a perfect shoe to work out for casualties and to work out. So you know you could usually this like that look at that how fast was that. Yeah I know I mean I usually tie my shoes kind of but still like. You could wear them for weight training any feet but that’s pretty much it for the Nike.

Nowadays number two they were a little bit hard to clean. Now I’m not sure that that’s the biggest deal but they did report back that when you got dirt on the upper it wasn’t the easiest thing to get off.  Number three there was a small bump on the inside toe that was likely a manufacturing defect we took them back to the retailer and the problem was solved and that’s really a seriously big improvement year over a year. I really like these running shoes my mom and my girlfriend really enjoyed using them. I think a lot of people will also share that sentiment and I’m going to buy these shoes.

Nike Metcon 5.0 breathable their feel very natural to the foot like wears them all day to Disneyland. You know no problem I got so for my girl and you know buy some yourself. Whatever colors you want they have so I give these shoes of five out of five axle absolute perfection have a good one guys peace casual way

Have a great day.



  • Highly breathable as a result of mesh upper
  • Flywire midsole
  • Ideal for volatile lifts
  • Ideal for handstand pushups
  • Extremely durable
  • Dual-density midsole


  • Narrow tip
  • Difficult to wear in


Nike is offering highly quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable crossfit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

Best Nike Metcon 5.0 women’s Running Shoes Review 2019
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