Best ALEADER Women’s Slip-On Athletic Water Shoe Review


Today we’re going to check out a new set of Aleader Women Slip-On Athletic Water Shoes these are made by a company called a litre. They’re based in China and they sent us courtesy a couple pairs of water shoes to try out a pair for me and a pair for Brad and as you know when we do a lot of canoeing we spend half our time outside of the boat you know when it’s rocky, rapids and things like that.
We’re going to put these new shoes through their paces, so I don’t know what to think at first actually they’re interesting this kind of mesh upper I’m not sure how protected. It looks more like something I’d want to wear just kind of flopping around on the water and less may be going through rapids and where there’s debris.
I can see sticks and stones kind of getting through there same with the bottom and I don’t really see any laces to tie the shoe up, so I’m not really sure how it’s going to fit this is my size but we’ll see how the actual fit is once it’s on I’m not sure about traction either it’s got kind of like this raised mid area it looks like.
It’s going to have really good drainage but my first impression is it looks more like something to hang around at the dock do some swimming in weather you got rocks and stuff and maybe less, so for wading through a mucky nonsense just because there’s no place to keep it on you it does look like.

Appearance of ALEADER Women’s Slip-On Athletic Water Shoe


The shoelaces are really just for show as they are non-adjustable however their elasticity does help to keep these shoes snug to your feet the rubber outsole contains more than 50 holes of varying sizes. Which aids in speedy water drainage, in fact, I’d have to say that, this is the fastest draining Aleader Slip-On Water Shoes that I have ever worn notably absent are any deep lubed tread patterns at first glance, these soles appear to be pretty basic but looks can be deceiving. They may not look very aggressive but they perform extremely well. I was thoroughly impressed by the grip these soles provided both in and out of the water.
The insole is easily removed for cleaning and it is perforated to help with the flow of water these lightweight shoes were very comfortable to wear without socks my feet remain blister free and despite. Their lack of tire places they always felt perfectly snug and never loose and Brad and I sure put them through their paces whether dragging.
These Crossfit shoes held up well and in the end I’d say they work great as water shoes because basically there’s a lot of mesh a lot of holes they drain the water really fast but they’re not a really what I would call a sturdy shoe. They are kind of flimsy they’re more like a slipper the one thing though that did surprise me I thought the soul and the tread it looked pretty flimsy and it didn’t look like.

Performance of ALEADER Women’s Slip-On Athletic Water Shoe


It would stick but I was really surprised how well these gripped rocks especially wet rocks but I what do you think about these shoes, so I feel this would probably best be suited for you know hanging around the dock going in a stand-up paddleboard or just cruising around the lake on a kayak they did do fairly well when you know submitted to beaver dams and having sticks and stones moving through them.
I did get a few sticks stuck in the bottom between the mesh and the sole every now and then but they actually didn’t go and push my foot, so it did stop the sole did actually stop the stick from hitting me I mean in terms of longevity if you’re going to take it on a canoe trip obviously if you’re going to do any serious walking take it off put on a proper shoe with ankle support anything with slippery rocks and stuff.
I was quite surprised I thought they were they weren’t going to be that well I thought it was kind of gimmicky at first all this mesh but you know it’s surprising too for no laces. They actually stayed on my feet they fit my feet pretty well and yeah they drained really quickly so that was that was a good thing as well.



  • Fabric/Textile
  • Synthetic sole
  • Quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • Soft molded cushioning
  • EVA insole
  • Breathable


  • Narrow tip
  • Difficult to wear in
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