Best ALEADER Running Shoe Fashion Walking Sneaker Review


I have bought some shoes they’re blue and I if you know that’s not my first pair of shoes. They’re cheap but I’ve actually had pretty good luck with them. I mean they don’t necessarily last forever or maybe as are as fashionable as big brands but you can kind of find some interesting things so basically first of all. I guess they’re  ALEADER Running Shoe and Fashion Walking Sneakers and they say they’re $60 retail I didn’t pay sixty bucks I don’t never exactly what I paid but I wouldn’t be gotten them or bought them sight unseen except for pictures of the price wasn’t a little bit favorable.

So you get to hear which is nice I really like the fact that they’re putting two shoes one for each foot in a set you know often I always thought it would be a good strategy to offer like the right shoe for free and then the left shoe for you know $30. So these are kind of like what they call beach or water or pool shoes. I think because as you can see here you get this mesh you can see all the way through there but it’s a little bit like there’s a two or three layers of mesh.

So it’s actually it’s like two layers of blue mesh one on either side and then like this black mesh in between which is it’s just a little bit of a squishiness not super thick but will keep kind of mesh from just you know patterning your skin with little holes and so you just slip them on and that’s kind of the whole point is that you know if I walk in the pool or on the beach. I’ve seen those how often those showers get clean and then the water just kind of will evaporate off your foot run out of the shoe.

Appearance of ALEADER Running Shoe Fashion Walking Sneaker


You don’t have to worry about it squish squish-squish and water getting trapped on the shoe you can see here at the bottom actually has a pretty large arch support. This is kind of nice you know like a foam liner there in dark suede and then the sole is all like one piece of molded oh like Styrofoam. It is super light I mean this thing is the shoe is super light which is going to be kind of nice and if a falls out of your foot my guess is this is going to flow you can see here other the tread pattern is a bunch of little dots .

You know I wore these on vacation and you know when you’re walking to say from the hot dog back to you back inside the hotel. They’ve kind of worked out really well blue with kind of some red stitching kind of like Cubs flavor and on the back here. You have I’m sure a synthetic piece of cloth there that holds it on obviously kind of the nature of them means that you have no shoelaces and you use these little tabs to kind of pull these things on because they can be a little tight.

Performance of ALEADER Running Shoe Fashion Walking Sneaker


Especially if you have larger cankles but you know kind of getting them on these are kind of lifesavers because sometimes it can be a little hard to get your fingers under there. So let’s just put them on see what they look like yeah they feel comfortable they’re easy to slip on here and plenty of room they are the right size and kind of that mesh material allows them to adjust to your foot and kind of hug it. So really comfortable very light they almost feel like not wearing anything I kind of it kind of made me think of them as like those put gloves. So there they are the Women Running.

I’ve been walking that she was to rocking the shoes now it’s pretty comfortable and everything I love it very comfortable that’s number one. I’m going jogging this evening so it should be good as I was walking and who do I get to bite shorter morning. I was walking and all yesterday afternoon and then also this morning and I’m still up doing some handsome so yeah I love that I think he’s a great buy at a reasonable price very comfortable the foam at the bottom it I think it’s very good.

that ensures the smooth outer covering of the shoe and provides excellent looks with durability.

Durable MD/EVA sole boost the life of the shoes and provide long-term functioning charge to perform different CrossFit shoe activities. These shoes have engineered one piece mesh upper that offers ventilation right where you need it. Thus, it allow your feet to breathe easy in the latest iteration of fabric upper

Slip resistant razar EVA cushion sole provide excellent flexibility and traction that provides great support in running and exercise. Arch support insole and breathable lining give you exceptional support for your performance

These shoes provide maximum cushioning that absorbs shocks while running. The price of these shoe lies in between 19 to 36 dollars.



  • MD/EVA sole
  • High ventilation
  • Slip razar
  • breathability and quick drying
  • Exceptional support
  • Light weighted


  • Bit difficult to wear in
  • Bulky in size
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