Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave Women Shoe Review 2019

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave Women Shoes

Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Review


Today I’m going to describe you about Reebok CrossFit Nano this is just going to be my own thoughts and opinions on the new CrossFit Nano weight, so the CrossFit gym I currently work out CrossFit 3d is a Reebok affiliated gym, so Reebok did send me these. This is just going to be my own force and first impressions of the Nano way about them about a week now I’ve managed to wear them a little bit, so it’s not going to be an extensive review because I’ve not  been long enough they’ve not been out that long. it’s just going to be some first impressions about the trainer what I do have is a large collection of the Reebok CrossFit trainers what I can do is give you a comparison of those trainers and how they’ve evolved over the years some issues that we might have had in the previous generations and how they’ve built on that, so I think first thing you’re going to find with the 7th and the 8th is that the design isn’t massively different at first glance ok, so they look fairly similar but there are some major tweaks to this wand with some issues with a 7 that they fixed with the 8.

Overview of Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave Women Shoes

The first thing I found with the 7s was that they were a little bit narrow for my fort I’ve got quite a wide foot especially towards this end of the shoe and these were quite narrow for me personally and what I found where that was there’s not a lot of give in the shoe so that when it’s on it’s pretty much on whereas with the new one.that’s what I found were these was I had to wear them in a little bit and and really loosen off the laces and and give them a good few weeks before they were comfortable whereas with these they’re just comfortable straight out of the box and a thing. It’s due to that new weave design and the sole seems to be a little bit wider than the sevens.

The second thing I think that they’ve improved on with these ones is with the sevens the insole is actually a lot thinner than the 8 you feel that straightaway when you put it on again these are just as soon as you slip into them, so for me that’s a bit of a bonus a bit more comfortable and the third thing being with these 7s you really like I said before you were just really aware that you were wearing them, so this bit especially here when you slipped it on you could just feel that on your ankles you could feel that you were wearing them. It’s quite rigid, It’s quite stiff there’s not much giving, It which is good in regards to durability and a bit having stability but yeah just being aware that they were on all the time, so the eights what they’ve done I thought if you see that they’ve got this new sort of two-piece thing going on so you’ve got the outer bit giving you a nice bit of stability there but the inside bit actually comes away from that and he’s really spongy and nice and soft, so again as soon as you slip them on they’re just nice comfortable you’re not really aware. They’re not squeezing into your ankles any it’s just nice and comfortable.

Features of Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave Women Shoes

I think that’s a really really good improvement with the eight staying on that topic the 7s were a little bit stiff, so you can see again just just stiff not much give not much flexibility whereas with these ones you can feel straightaway that the they give a little bit more towards the mid foot which is ideal but keeping that’s our stability towards the back for your squatting movement Olympic lifting movements nice stable base but nice bit of flexibility towards in the mid and that’s oh and you’ve also got the 0.5 millimeter shell which means absolutely nothing to me, If I’m honest but CrossFitters buzz-off that military tactical sounding nonsense, so that’s probably likely to be a crowd pleaser again so when are there I guess and currently. they only seem to be at the moment three colorways for male and female and this seems to be quite a popular colorway and all the brands of CrossFit shoes.

There’s black and gold I think to start with the speed tee ours actually. They did a regionals pair, so these were thus PTR’s I mean this is a two-point old and I think they’re released these they were like a special edition regional sweetie our CrossFit shoe and they came in a black and gold and they went down a right treat, so I kind of stuck with that and that seems to be what’s in it the minute with the CrossFit community and to be fair they’re probably my favorite out of the three colors available at a minute, so ideal and they are currently 99 pounds 95 on the Reebok website whether you can blog one of your fellow CrossFitters or your fellow coaches to maybe give you a fitness cold discount on them maybe it’s worth a try coughing that’s pretty fair as far as a functional fitness trainers go like hundred quid and that’s going to bring us on to the build quality of them, so we’ll talk about that now I’ve got the threes here these are my first pair of CrossFit shoes and again like to be fair fat from being dusty and full of hair again I’ve not watered and they’ve held up amazing.

That’s the one thing I can say about Reebok CrossFit shoes is that in their however many years, I’ve been doing it and the amount pairs that I’ve never had to throw anything away to be fair looking around at them I’ve never thrown any away for any reason not like because they’ve fallen apart and I kind of speaks for itself even more, so with these new style I think because they’re all kind of one-piece like you could see previously on the Nano force you can see how like kind of intricate. The design is they’ve got this drawer a cage thing that they had.

This is a segment and as you can see there I mean these are men these were like my all-time favorites as well and then the 6s came out but these were these are amazing I still wear, these all the time and you can see again the only thing that’s happened here in a cage, so that bit there on the K just come away and that’s probably because it’s you know segment whereas with these doesn’t seem to be like that I’ve never noticed. These coming away falling apart on the sevens I’ve worn these now since they came out. They’re not coming apart here at this back beer and he’s not falling apart here and they’ve done away with that bit and now it’s just all the one piece, so I think even more, so with the 8th these are going to stand the test of time if you’re cutting about in that cheap sort of trainers you that you’ll find in sort of commercial gyms you know just them soft trainers like really terrible stability as soon as you do one rope climb you just rip all the foam off the bottom then I would HIGHLY advise you to get a new pair of trainers summat like this would be perfect but with that being said it is just a trainer at the end of the day like it’s not come out of genies lamp in Aladdin and it’s going to give you like magic thruster ability like Louis Simmons said don’t have $100 shoes and a 10 cent squat you know if you’re looking to upgrade these are going to be the ones if you’re looking for your first pair of CrossFit shoes and you’ve got the money to spend why wouldn’t you go for the latest ones like yeah comfortable versatile look pretty wicked and yeah awesome shoe.

Hope that’s giving you a bit of insight and a bit of something to help you make a choice for getting the right trainer for you and oh we went over loads and loads of different types there but I think you can understand why how it’s evolved over the years and where we’re at today with these are these are wicked and all you can’t smell it from there there’s just a pile of trainers they’re like eight different pairs and they’re all just home in from over.


New Reebok Nano 8 it’s beautiful from the exterior nothing much has changed only the weave as we can see the rope proves to you here and then we have the weaved design and we turn it to the back. We have a shell exactly the same like the Nano 7 on the bottom is the Metis pleat so design exactly the same like a nano 7 however the interior they have changed much that improves the cushion like we can see from here it makes all your workout much more bearable. Than as compared to the Nano 7 really awesome next we move on to exercise first off squats works really well here really stable on the sole same goes for Detlef look at that the hue stays in the same goes for walking lunch really comfortable really flexible. It doesn’t hurt your feet as much like the Nano 7 deep box jump no problem very stable and also on the treadmill of course and then next we moved on to rope it’s exactly like the rope probe on a nano 7 really good grip perfect basically a wrap well.



  • Support running activities
  • High-abrasion rubber outsole
  • Low-cut design
  • CMEVA midsole
  • Durable
  • Forefoot flex grooves
  • Nanoupper weaver


  • Not ideal for long run
  • Laces make difficult to wear in
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