Best Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Shoes Review 2019

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Shoes

Reebok women’s CrossFit 4.0 shoes also introduce  training shoes. These shoes are made up of high quality synthetic rubber that provides excellent support and grip during hectic CrossFit training sessions. These shoes are highly supportive whenever you have to perform in necessary training’s.

These shoes are ideal for rope climbing and exercising. These shoes are also infused with high quality cage mesh that provides next level protection and breath-ability. These shoes are highly comfortable as they let the foot to perform up to the mark under highly relaxed environment. The price range of these shoes lies within 50 to 150 dollars.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 s if you CrossFit or just have a friend that constantly talks about CrossFit. You’re probably well aware of the Nano lineup of shoes and the fact that Reebok just released their fourth generation product and as a spoiler alert. I thought they were pretty good shoes though. I didn’t see any game-changing improvements over the three point OHS. So let’s take a look at specifically what the 4.0 is offer firstly. They’re wrapped and end in an abrasion resistant cage the dur cage. Which makes the shoes extremely durable and does a great job of securing your foot so that you’re not sliding around the cage is also very useful for rope climbs.

This is where Top Women CrossFit shoes break down it provides better traction for gripping a rope and it helps prevent the shoe from flaking apart as a result of the harshness of rope climbs. Similarly the side of the outsoles extra reinforced to prevent against wear from the rope other items worth noting includes the shoes have a four millimeter heel to toe deficit. This makes them great for about any movement from short distance runs to Olympic and power lifts the shoes also have seven lay soups that travel all the way up your foot and secure it. Well next the Reebok nano 4.0 have a wide toe box that allows your feet to stretch out and I think it helps make them a bit more comfortable.

CrossFit Compete 6:14 vs. Reebok Nano 4.0 Review

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Shoes

Reebok CrossFit compete 614 shoes otherwise known as the rich Froning shoe and the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0. Which are probably the most popular CrossFit shoe out there now other than the fact that. Both of these shoes are made by Reebok and that they both fit one half size small and have wide toe boxes. So your feet can really stretch out. They don’t have a lot in common so let’s go over why you would buy one shoe over the other and let’s talk about the Nano 4.0 first.  For me it really comes down to three things with these shoes. Number one they are cheaper. These are one hundred and twenty dollars which is still expensive for shoes but these six for teens are $200 and that’s just crazy to me so price big difference.

There second thing is they’re more padded throughout. They’ve got more padding in the heel and all the way throughout the shoe. Which means for running you’re going to prefer these shoes and anywhere that you’re going to be doing a lot of jumping on and off. Something these are going to absorb more of the impact and I think a lot of people will prefer these shoes for that fact the third thing is that I think they’re going to be a little bit more durable.

I’ve had my Reebok Nano 4.0 is for a while these are new Reebok Nano 4.0 s but they are able to withstand a beating and I really like them for that fact. They’ve got a cage all the way throughout and on the toe box. Which these six fourteenths do not I’m really worried about them in the toe box area. These are going to take a beating keep going and probably not show a whole lot of wear throughout and again the toe box area is a big highlight to me. It’s well protected on the four-point nose not so much on the six 14 also the inside. While the six 14 do have the rope Pro technology on the inside here and so do the four-point nose there’s just overall more material that pads. Your foot and that resists wear from the rope I think these are going to last a little bit longer.

Now the reasons that you advise 614 are as follows number one the heel it’s incredibly stable. It’s a three millimeter drop whereas the Reebok Nano 4.0 s are a four millimeter drop that’s not crazy the big thing. Here is that its crazy stable it’s kind of like lifting shoes. When you press in that lift you’re not going to get any compression and I really like that about these shoes and clearly rich Froning did too. Because he wanted the shoes that way that’s awesome the second thing is they have better tread. Its grips it sticks to all different surfaces. It’s great for sprinting the tread here is much better than what you’ll see on the Reebok Nano 4.0. The next thing is that while the four points knows have more padding these just have less shoe there’s less in your way. You’re going to have more control these shoes.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Performance

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 Shoes

They’re also very lightweight and they breathe extremely well far better than I had expected them to the tread is good for indoors and workouts on concrete asphalt grass or turf. But doesn’t provide any helpful traction on dirt or trails sticking with the bottom of the shoe the sole is fairly cushioned. But not so much that it becomes a burden when Olympic lifting and that’s really it for features. These shoes are built like a tank and are incredibly versatile but as you’d expect from a shoe that does not specialize in any one arena. They aren’t particularly great at anything there are better Olympic lifting shoes powerlifting shoes running shoes and sprinting shoes out there. However for CrossFit specifically you likely won’t find a better shoe. They aren’t without flaws though and one of the biggest such flaws is that sizing the 4.0 is difficult much like the two-point OS they fit about 1/4 to 1/2 size small.

So for me that my normal size was too small but half a size up was slightly too large I still ended up going with a half size up though also the $120 pre-tax price tag is steep. If I’m being honest with you especially when considering the Reebok Nano 3.0 and the Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 Shoes is cost much less and for all intents and purposes are just as capable as the Reebok Nano 4.0 s and lastly. I personally am NOT a really big fan of the way they look. I just think they look like old skate shoes with fat laces but would I buy them. Yes their work is advertised and I think they’re going to last a really long time and they’re probably the best CrossFit shoes out there right now. If you’re in the market for a new pair of CrossFit shoes and price is

not an issue built the 4 point knows but if you’re trying to keep it a hundred dollars or under go with the three point or two point nose or the 511 recon trainers.



  • Synthetic
  • Imported rubber sole
  • Cage mesh upper
  • Durable
  • Breathable


  • Design is not attractive
  • Not ideal running


If we talk about the final decision, there is one more point to be talked about before, “The Cost”. Nano 4.0 was a little less costly than Reebok Nano 5.0 CrossFit shoes. When it comes to performance and quality, there is a slight difference between Nano 4.0 and Nano 5.0. This is the main reason most of the people want Nano 6.0 back. As we know that Nano 4.0 is near to close from coming into the market so Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 shoes  is the best option to pick as soon as it is also gone from the stock.

Overall, in my personal view, Reebok CrossFit shoes women’s 4.0 is a complete packaged training shoe with slightly backward in shape from Nano 6.0. But performance should come first then beauty. This makes Reebok CrossFit shoes women’s 4.0 not only the best training shoes but also unbeatable CrossFit shoes on the market ever.

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