Best PUMA Fierce Core Women’s Cross-Trainer Shoe Review 2019

PUMA Fierce Core Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Fierce Core Women’s  cross-training shoe set has an imported rubber outsole. The quality feature of these shoes is airaprene technology. These shoes are highly flexibility in performing hard and sturdy Best Women CrossFit Shoes actions like running, skipping and weight lifting. Rubber sole also provides to perform handstand against the wall pushups without dread of waning.

One of the exciting advantages of these shoes is that they are lace-free. It is highly supporting during running on treadmill, skipping and jumping as it prevents you from losing balance. The top of these shoes are secure and provides excellent grip. These shoes have padded tongue and collar with pull loops.

Most important feature of these shoes is its optimal lockdown. The outsole of these shoes provides healthy grip and also ensures ideal confrontation for running long distances.

Today I’m going to do a review PUMA Black Fierce Core woman’s training shoes by Puma. I bought these on Puma calm on April 1st. When they came out and show you the first one that I got these are the black ones the colors called Puma black. It comes with this cardboard insert and it looks like this is going to just help support the shoe because it’s got the kind of high-top front. So I’m going to go ahead and just remove that cardboard insert so the first thing that I notice about the shoe is that it’s super lightweight. This makes sense because it is a training shoe if it looks like a fashion shoe also so definitely a shoe that you can use to work out or you can dress it up and go out.

So I’m going to just describe a few things about the shoe maybe a few details that might not be obvious from the pictures that you see online. So it’s got this like little double strap here in the front and the front part here kind of sticks out a little bit higher than the back part. So it gives it kind of like that high top look and then this mesh part here. I don’t know if the camera catches it but it’s got like a polka dot pattern all throughout here and here it’s the same mesh material and it’s got like little cute polka dot pattern and then as you go down this part here has in like a shiny black plastic material.

Appearance of PUMA Fierce Core Women’s Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Fierce Core Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

It’s got the Puma logo and it says Puma and there’s like an elastic band but that elastic band doesn’t stretch or move it’s kind of just there for the look. But it’s there’s no kind of movement on that part of the shoe in the front part. You’ve got like and it’s like black netting and then on the side this is kind of like a matte hard plastic. Then there’s the shinier plastic detailing and there’s a stitching around the black plastic detailing. It’s got the Puma logo also and then on the other side there’s again just that matte black plastic and then the shinier plastic piece down the middle.

Then the sole of the shoe kind of feels like a kind of like a hard maybe rubber or plastic and it kind of goes a little bit thicker as it gets to the back of the shoe and then the bottom of the shoe or the sole of the shoe is all black and then it’s got the little white Puma logo. I got mine in a size 9 so now I’m going to show you the next pair that I got. Which is the colors called Puma white – Puma black so these are the black and white ones and again it’s got the cardboard insert. This is nice because you can just store the shoe with the insert so I’m going to remove the cardboard but for now it’s stuck in there pretty good. So there are definitely a few differences with the white and black it’s got the same strap sort of the mesh also has little polka dots but I don’t know if the camera catches it.

Performance of PUMA Fierce Core Women’s Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Fierce Core Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

But they’re actually indented polka dots so they’re not like drawn on polka dots it’s just like little dots that are indented all around this part of the shoe and also in the back part as well and it’s got the white stitching and then it’s got that same elastic band. Which again it doesn’t move the shoe doesn’t expand it all but it’s got that elastic band with the Puma logo and it says Puma down the front and then the same white net mesh here in the front part and then again the side of the shoe. It’s the same plastic piece here it’s matte white and then the trimming here is a shiny white plastic with the same stitching and then the Puma logo.

It’s like in a shiny plastic black and then on the other side same thing it’s a shinier plastic black piece here and then the matte white on either side and then the bottom of the shoe is black and white with the Puma logo also so that is a neat black and white one so up. Next I’m going to try these on I’m going to let you know how they feel how comfortable they are so after trying these on they fit super comfortable super soft. They’re very lightweight walking around I don’t even feel like I have like a sneaker on it feels. It feels very comfortable the shoe is definitely true to size. I’m a size 9 and it fit me perfectly the mesh part here in the front is flexible. So it allows for a lot of movement of your foot the price on these is $90. Have a nice Day.



  • Synthetic rubber outsole
  • Catchy design
  • Optimal foot lockdown
  • Inner mesh
  • Breathable mesh
  • Shock absorption nature
  • Lace-free


  • Narrow tip
  • Difficult to wear in as it takes time
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