Best PUMA Fierce Bright Women’s Cross-Trainer Sneaker Review 2019

PUMA Fierce Bright Women Cross-Trainer Sneaker

One of the exciting advantages of these shoes is that they are lace-free. It is highly supporting during running on treadmill, skipping and jumping as it prevents you from losing balance. The top of these shoes are secure and provides excellent grip. These shoes have padded tongue and collar with pull loops.

Most important feature of these shoes is its Outsole foothold. The Outsole of these shoes provides healthy grip and also ensures ideal confrontation for running long distances.

Today I’m going to be reviewing these. I’ve seen them everywhere I’ve seen different versions of them different colors and people swear that they’re one of the greatest workout with these CrossFit Shoes for Women and all of that. So when this color drops you know I had to get me a pair because either fly one of the pink ones but they sold out. So I settled for these I do love the color. I will say that they do get a lot of attention. I wore them to the gym and I got a lot of compliments on them and a lot of stairs.

I’m sure they’re not everybody’s cup of tea but anyway the PUMA Fierce Black Shoe and the PUMA Fierce Bright safety yellow that makes a lot of sense actually the safety yellow and I did get this pair in a size 9. I got them from Nordstrom’s they were I believe 99.99 with free shipping. I wanted to try these out because people just buy shit because it’s a trend and they claim oh it works oh it’s this oh it’s that because they’re really influenced by other people.


Feature PUMA Fierce Bright Women’s Cross-Trainer Sneaker

PUMA Fierce Bright Women Cross-Trainer Sneaker


I personally like the color of this shoe and I wanted to try them out myself because I am a big gym person. I go to the gym quite often and I wanted to put to the test. So I’ll probably put in from my workout this evening and you guys can see kind of the different exercises that I did in them that they do fit really snug. This is good because I was a little skeptical being as though there’s no shoelaces on these the snugness.  I think also is because the fact that they’re new obviously. I have to break them in but for the most part I will say they actually are really comfortable shoes.

I feel like they’re very soft on the inside all wipe all while they support like the arch of my foot if that makes any sense cuz. I have a really high arch and I ran in them today I did a lot of high-intensity interval training in them. So I will say that I’m rather impressed with them I really like the print on the shoe. I like this stretchy part here which is the part that I think is going to stretch a little bit more. So that it won’t be as snug normally wear a size 9 and these are a size 9. I will say that they run a tad bit big but not too much to where this thing will flop off of you.


Opinion about PUMA Fierce Bright Women’s Cross-Trainer Sneaker


PUMA Fierce Bright Women Cross-Trainer Sneaker

They are good shoe to invest in for a hundred dollars that’s actually not too bad because I keep looking in my closet. Because I have like four or five pair of Nike Shoes that I bought that are roughly the same cost that I’ve put to work and there’s still like Old Faithful. They’re all here they all still do their job and I’m still very comfortable with them. So long story short I do suggest the fierce bright shoes by Puma. This is the box that they came in oh and then they did a wonderful job and I’ll probably stuff them back until I wear them again.

But there’s like a lot of the shoe stuffing that’s in each of the shoes. This probably helps to keep its shape so you definitely want to take care of your shoes and make sure you read stuff. When you’re not using them I’ll probably wear these like once a week so I can stuff them for the days that I’m not using them. But anyways yeah all in all I will say that I rate this shoe I will say a 10 out of 10 the comfort level of these and I don’t know what to call it like the bounciness of this shoe.  I really like it it’s a very comfortable shoe. I think people who knew what they were doing when days so you don’t have these go get your Shoe.



  • Ariaprene technology
  • Provides excellent balance
  • ideal support during various CrossFit activities
  • Inner mesh
  • Rubber outsole its durability
  • Shock absorption nature
  • Traction


  • Narrow tip
  • Difficult to wear in as it takes time


PUMA is offering high quality Women’s CrossFit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. There is the wide range of colors in PUMA. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

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