Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoe Must Read Review First

Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoe

What if I told you-you might find exactly Nike Met-con DSX Repper Shoe Fly-knit for just $100…?

Take the red pill.

Still, Nike’s merchandise description about them rendered much to the imagination, not really giving you any sort of clue about what they are meant for. Which begs the question of even having the demand for the drop-in mid sole in the first location.

Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoe  Looks/Construction:

The very best way to describe that the DSX Reppers looks is to say they’re a hodgepodge of all of the Metcon’s before them. The top material is a knit material that is not as elastic as Flyknit, but it’s stronger than the mesh on the Metcon 1’s and 2’s. In addition to that are TPU overlays that seem more decorative than functional, and round the toe box gets beefier like a toe cap. Premium attributes such as Flywire lacing are still within the Reppers and if you go for a school colorway, get superior laces to suit; otherwise, you’ll get exactly the same flimsy style laces currently found on the Metcon and DSX Flyknit.

Though the outsole has no mention of”Sticky-Rubber,” the compound feels exactly the same as it does on the pricier models and in my own experience, grips the same too. Undoubtedly, the largest gap between the Reppers and also the costlier models is the omission of this drop-in midsole. Instead, you receive a more standard Phylon midsole, densely compressed EVA foam, and this can be found on other Nike running and lifestyle shoes. Evidently, the Reppers add a much more conventional Ortholite insole that is removable.

Though these might be budget priced, they do not feel like budget shoes. The substances used rival any of the expensive Metcon’s and match the quality you would come to expect from a Nike product. As for me, I actually think in certain ways these feel more sturdy than another Metcon’s. The woven mesh top feels like it could take a beating and because there is no drop-in midsole, there are no squeaking sounds!

Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoes

Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoe Sizing:

Typically, Metcon’s match my toes the best from any shoes on the market. A 9.5 Repper match me a bit on the other hand, as did the DSX Flyknits. I really could use it wasn’t dreadful, but I sized up to a 10, and now they’re a whole lot more comfortable, especially for running. If you’re in between sizes, go for the half size up from wherever you’re.

Here are my dimensions:

Nano 6/7 — 10
Romaleos 3 — 9.5
crazy power — 9.5
Ultraboost — 9.5
NMD — 10

Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoe Performance:

So what exactly is the DSX Repper’s good for? Everything! I know that’s somewhat vague and all, but they really are the answer for everything you’d encounter in a WOD. Where the Metcon 3’s come short in the flexibility/comfort department, the Reppers are awesome. Even though the DSX Flyknits fall short in equilibrium, the Reppers shine. It is in fact hard to think that these are the”budget” models!

I was worried that since Nike cut the drop-in midsole out of the Reppers, they’d be poor for lifting. No, they’re not as secure as the Metcon 3’s for Olympic Weightlifting, mainly as a result of the considerably more flexible forefoot. However, the Phylon midsole is very dense and does not have much give, if any at all. Responsiveness and power delivery are put on; you’d feel just like you’re lifting in almost any other Metcon unless you set them on back to back. For me, the DSX Flyknit midsole compressed a bit more than I would like, that end up causing my foot to ache after repeated bounding. In the Reppers, the Phylon midsole makes a great stable base that isn’t too soft or too difficult.

Laterally, the equilibrium of this Reppers is excellent along with the footbed cradles your foot without many rollovers. Forward equilibrium is the point where the Reppers struggle at just a little bit, once again largely because of the versatility of the forefoot. Dynamic lifts are exactly what I think that the Metcon 3’s are better for. However, the Reppers easily match up with the Flyknit’s, and in my view are better because of the slightly more flat and stable platform. For inactive lifts, the Reppers are exceptional, and there isn’t a ton of midsole compression just like there is with all the Flyknits, so that they match up more closely into the Metcon 3; though I’d still rule in favor of this normal version.

Where the Reppers really excel, is that they’re an all-around metcon shoe. The forefoot flex grooves really do an amazing job providing flex at to toe for jogging and bounding exercises. Never have I felt as though my toes were straining after several wall balls, double-unders or runs. The drop is 6mm like the Flyknits, but compared to the 4mm fall in the Metcon 3, you really won’t notice a huge difference. The whole platform remains minimalist, and the outsole shape is almost identical to what you would find on the original Metcon shoes. Dare I say these might be the complete best WOD Metcon?!



  • Highly breathable as a result of mesh upper
  • Flywire midsole
  • Ideal for volatile lifts
  • Ideal for handstand pushups
  • Extremely durable
  • Dual-density midsole


  • Narrow tip
  • Difficult to wear in


As I said, it is difficult to believe that these are”budget” sneakers; even doing better in some ways than the normal Metcons, yet only retailing for $100! Aside from the Conviction-X, the DSX Reppers might be the most surprising shoe of this year. I feel exactly like with any other Metcon. You don’t have to fret about what you’re doing when you have them on. The DSX Reppers go to demonstrate you don’t want this new technology to have an excellent performing training shoe. They’re a no-frills, coaching shoe that successfully captures precisely what makes Metcons so great, but tweaks the formula making them a good all around shoe. These are what the DSX Flyknits must have been.

As of right now, I feel these are my favorite Met-con’s right today since I could do ANYTHING in them and not need to worry. When it came down to having to contend or serious lifting, I’d choose the normal Met-con 3, but in regular training, the Reppers are easy to live in. These are the best deals in training shoes.

Nike Metcon DSX Repper Shoe Must Read Review First
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