Nike Downshifter 7 Review [Buyer Guide] 2019

The Nike Downshifter 7 is an incredibly refreshed variant of the company’s prominent Downshifter 6. To give the tennis shoe a more updated look that matches with the present patterns, they stripped away from a portion of the layers that made up the antecedent’s upper and gave it an increasingly streamlined look. This famous tennis shoes’ upper is comprised of a solitary layer work that gives breathable solace.

nike downshifter 7

nike downshifter 7

Nike got rid of the overlay stretching out over the toe and settled on a little toe-top that reaches out from the outsole. The mid-foot flaunts another no-sew saddle that wraps the foot with adaptable and sturdy solace and helps the foot remain steady and bolstered with each progression. Nike additionally switched up the padded sole by building it to be made of a sturdy and responsive Phylon material that retains stun and adds some spring to your progression.

Nike Downshifter 7 Review

This unbiased shoe is an able ally for your street running that incorporates significant updates in its structure from its past emphasis. The decreased and lengthened toe box, better help offering, and expanded breathable material overlay in the upper unit are not many unmistakable updates in this model. A few flex furrows are consolidated to the whole length of the elastic out-sole unit, conveying improved grasp and footing.

Key Features of Nike Downshifter 7


The outsole on the Nike Downshifter 7 is in such a large number of words, stunning. Nike has fitted the shoe with a blend of hexagonal designing to give it the additional feeling of inclusion; fundamentally, it helps the shoe in its capacity to convey a grasp that could keep going on plenty of surfaces. The designing on the sole comes in the state of a mix of both internal and outward hexagons that are set to manage the unpleasant parts of the ground. The bottom is produced using thick elastic that is solidified to ensure that it can shield the foot from the numerous risks of the territory.

Nike has additionally given the outsole an assortment of flex grooves that empower the shoe to twist to the desire of the clients’ foot and provides the shoe with a new feeling of ease. Over these astounding highlights, the absence of profound edges in the sole’s plan implies that the shoe can be utilized without managing a blend of materials getting held up within it, which is immense in addition to.

Mid Sole

The padded sole on the Nike Downshifter 7 was planned to expand the shoes’ now agreeable structure. Nike has made the padded sole out of a lightweight Phylon material rather than the famous EVA that most shoes are given these days. The Phylon material permits the padded sole to bob back and react to/from the weight that is set on it day by day implying that the wearer won’t need to stress over the length of tie that the shoe is being used in light of the fact that generally, it will have the option to recoup from it with no issue. Additionally, over the solace that the phylon material gives the shoe, it likewise shields the clients’ foot from damage because of its capacity to adjust to the state of the foot.

Upper Sole

When planning the Nike Downshifter 7, Nike chose to pare down the upper a little and give it an increasingly present-day outline contrasted with its ancestor, the Downshifter 6. As needs are, the upper has a sleeker plan, and Nike disposed of the manufactured material layered over the work. Instead, Nike built the top to be made of a solitary layer openwork material that advances extraordinary breathability and solace.

Over the center of the shoe, you will see a no-sew midfoot saddle, which is a manufactured overlay. This seat gives extra help to your feet. The heel cup and tongue are both cushioned and convey padded solace and security from rankles and problem areas. Inside the shoe, you will discover an EVA insole which can be expelled and supplanted with modified orthotics whenever wanted.


The Nike Downshifter 7 tips the scales at an entirely normal load for Best CrossFit shoes today. The Nike women weighs around 8 ounces while the men’s gauges 10 ounces. Because of the lightweight materials utilized when making the shoe, they will feel genuinely light on your feet.


Although this has been remarked on as of now, the work upper advantages the shoe, so a lot of that it must be remarked on twice. Nike has given the shoe an upper made of work, which advances both breathability and solace in a shoe. The work provides the shoe with a distinct measure of air dissemination because of its porous nature and its general slimness. The astounding thing is that it is breathable even though it has an extraordinary measure of padding all through; the texture itself is moderately slight, yet Nike has sprinkled padding in different places all through the upper.

features of nike downshifter 7

Features of Nike Downshifter 7


The Nike Downshifter 7 is built to be happy with preparing tennis shoe. The lightweight, breathable upper folds over the foot easily without contracting it, while the cushioned tongue and impact point neckline give you backing and pad where you need it. Because of the EVA froth insole and Phylon padded sole, your feet will feel padded and agreeable. Various purchasers have remarked on how friendly these shoes are, even in the wake of wearing them throughout the day.


To meet current patterns in the style division, Nike switched up the appearance of the Nike Downshifter 7 in contrast with its antecedent. At present, one prominent style of tennis shoes is a progressively insignificant and oversimplified upper plan. The Nike Downshifter 7 outline is somewhat sleeker than its past adaptations and matches current style patterns. The large Nike swoosh as an afterthought gives a gesture to vintage Nike tennis shoes, and at this moment, vintage is prominent. Both the people’s renditions of this shoe are accessible in a noteworthy cluster of colorways also, which are all tastefully satisfying.


The solidness of the shoe is something that is being referred to with the Nike Downshifter 7. Nike is known for its utilization of value materials in their clothing. However, this present shoes’ absence of specific highlights causes one marvel on the off chance that it can indeed keep going for exceptionally long. The elastic on the sole and the phylon padded sole gives the presence of a shoe that will have the option to withstand the weight set on it by the wearer when in regular use. Taking into account that the shoe isn’t generally intended for steady long-separation running, but instead, for the preparation that accompanies the running, it should meet the wearers’ requirements. Usually, contingent upon what the shoe is required for, it ought to have the option to deal with the things that sprinters search for in a running shoe of its bore.


The shoe provides a tolerable sum for the wearer as far as insurance, however not in the traditional way. The Nike Downshifter 7 comes up short on the defensive estimates that an assortment of shoes these days have, including the toe covers and the heel covers. The shoe does anyway incorporate an excellent measure of padding that is thick enough to lessen the effect of an assortment of things that could perpetrate harm on the wearers’ foot. The underside additionally gives the client an OK measure of covering for the foot as a result of its thickness, which is a quality that is important for the shoe to provide the wearer with a for the most part safe ride.


Although the upper of this shoe is mainly included a solitary layer work material, it is genuinely steady gratitude to the no-sew midfoot seat contained an engineered overlay material. This seat bolsters the foot since it keeps it stable inside the shoe and shields it from moving around. The accident rail on the sidelong outsole of the tennis shoe gives excellent help since it keeps your feet in a usual arrangement as you change from impact point to toe.

How to Choose the Nike Downshifter 7 Running Shoes?

  • Lightweight work upper enables feet to inhale and offers help and adaptability
  • Phylon padded sole conveys simply enough padding for solace and backing while at the same time enabling a smooth change from heel to toe
  • Rubber accident rail on the parallel side of the outsole bolsters the foot and convey an agreeable and controlled development
  • Midfoot no-sew saddle over the upper backings the foot and keep it cozy and verified inside the shoe
  • Flex furrows incorporated into the building of the tennis shoe’s outsole take into account premium adaptability and characteristic development of the foot

9+ Reasons – Why People Buy Nike Downshifter 7

Why People Buy Downshifter 7

  • A dominant part of the analyzers remarked on how pleasant the underneath experience of the Nike Downshifter 7 was during their runs
  • The lightweight setup of this running shoe picked up fans who felt that it allowed them to comfortably wear it throughout the day
  • The trademark nike swoosh is tremendously valued by numerous customers since it gave the shoe that great nike look
  • The moderate structure enabled analyzers to utilize the shoe for exercises other than running such as strolling and aerobics
  • People loved the assortment of shading plans that were accessible for this running shoe expressing that the choices were satisfying to the eyes
  • Several clients perceived the estimation of the shoe thinking about its construct and highlights
  • The cost of the nike downshifter 7 was reasonable and individuals ran to this shoe as a result of it
  • Almost every buyer expressed that the nike downshifter 7 had a measuring plan that pursued their inclinations
  • The width profile was invited for being cozy yet unrestrictive

Old Version of Nike Downshifter 7

Nike Downshifter 6

This variant of the Nike Downshifter increases an extraordinary unmistakable quality for its excellent underneath padding and dependable upper spread framework. In particular, the sewed layers are applied to the upper unit to add to the shoe’s help necessaries and keep up the uppers’ structure. Additionally, its elastic outsole turns into a viable shield that avoids outside harm on the remainder of the sole. Its deep flex furrows include the shoe more excellent steadiness and give more nature run feel. Also, this form conveys great padding and breathable uppers that significantly improve your running knowledge.

Nike Downshifter 5

The fifth model has vast amounts of solace and astounding curve bolster that help the impartial sprinters. It displayed two mid-foot lashes that offer extraordinary help when tying shoelaces. The outsole is produced using hard-wearing BRS 100 carbon elastic to improve the shoe’s strength. Also, the flex sections can improve your heel-to-toe progress and shoe’s adaptability. There are included accident cushioning at the heel areas to constrict stun. What’s more, the padded sole is pressure formed to offer a light casing and better responsiveness. Remarkably, your foot is verified satisfactorily by its ribbon up conclusion, the extravagant tongue, and neckline padding.

Nike Downshifter 4

This rendition has an upper unit that is more slender than the sidelong form. Consequently, it gives less productive breathability. In any case, its impact point fits lockdown framework can situate your foot set up for a safe ride. In like manner, its mid-sole was produced using the lightweight Phylon material with a strong elastic shank. With the BRS 1000 in the heel, the shoe is considerably more sturdy, adaptable, and lightweight. In general, it was explicitly intended for the unbiased sprinter with a section level value point. Remarkably, its viability is ensured in terms of guaranteeing your foot unwinding all through exercises.

  • Sleek, low profile that will fit in numerous situations
  • Great nonpartisan sprinter for use in low-mileage circumstances
  • Breathable work upper with great lockdown and cushioning
  • Cheap and minimal effort offering for end of the week warriors
  • It could be limited or awkward for wide-foot clients
  • High-mileage sprinters may search for different alternatives
  • Upper is amazingly dated and could profit by the utilization of fresher materials used by contenders
  • Rubber Outsole has detailed the utilization of slippage in wet conditions


The Nike Downshifter 7 street running shoe was invited by a ton of shoe lovers and learner sprinters. They were content with this current item’s reasonable cost and quality development. The measuring plan and width alternatives were likewise given applause as they clung to individuals’ desires. It obliged the foot enough and kept it agreeable, in light of client input. Then again, a few people felt that the in-shoe fit was tight, that the wet-surface hold was dodgy, and that the general development wasn’t planned for practical exercises and runs.

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