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The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is the longest-running shoe model from Nike. It keeps on intriguing runners, everything being equal. To use the useful structure of the Pegasus 35, Nike chose to produce different varieties of this running shoe. These extraordinary varieties are intended to oblige the various needs of each runner.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Review

The Pegasus 35 is a fantastic everyday trainer at its cost. I think one about the best parts of this shoe is its capacity to take into account various sorts of runners. The shoe that appears to be nearest to this would be the Epic React fly knit. The Pegasus has consistently been one of the more famous shoes for Nike, and this shoe is no exemption.

When I initially removed these shoes from the container, it resembled taking a gander at something from a Sci-Fi motion picture. The streamlined look is tastefully satisfying. My first idea when I put the shoe on was that it felt exceptionally usual for a 10-mm toe drop. These are shoes you can take directly from the crate and go into a keep running without expecting to break them in.

How to Choose The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike sports shoes are most popular among running enthusiasts and even proficient long-distance runners. The company has launched a massive exhibit of various models that can suit a lot of sizes, movements, trails, and spending plans. One thing that the brand resolves to is continually accompanying new creative shoe advances that keep up their items’ exhibition by the best expectations.


The lightweight work upper has been built to accomplish excellent breath-ability, which can be an extremely significant ascribe to devoted runners and genuine competitors. The woven idea of the texture takes into account consistent ventilation. Air effectively flows all through the whole shoe to keep within the condition of the shoe dry by driving dampness out and permitting new natural air in.


The Pegasus 35 got great recognition for their degree of enduring and full-foot comfort. The past Pegasus models had two separate packed airbags known as the Air Zoom units. One was under the impact point and one under the chunk of the foot, leaving a hole of air padding in the midriff. Nike refreshed this form, the Pegasus 35, to have one ceaseless Air Zoom Unit all through the whole length of the shoe, which commentators raved about.

They noticed how it facilitated advances in their steps and gave the entire foot-bed of shoe enduring solace. Numerous clients likewise remarked this new single full Air Zoom unit offers an increasingly complete and adjusted layer of padding that they profoundly favored over the past models. Another contributing factor to the improved solace of the Pegasus is that the bottom lace eyelet was intended to be nearer to the lower leg of the foot, which takes into account somewhat more adaptability and opportunity of development.


The Nike Pegasus 35 are offered in an inconceivably vast exhibit of colorways. From essential and unpretentious, splendid and fun, to even a flower print, there is a search for everybody. Be that as it may, for the individuals who might want to move around in genuinely exceptional kicks, the Pegasus 35 can even be altered. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, you can structure your pair from the shade of the textured upper to the shading and position of logos to the shading and surfaces on the out-sole, even directly down to the content on the tongue and heel cups.

What’s more, your extraordinary and interestingly planned modified shoes will be at your doorstep in only half a month. With brilliant and fun, essential and inconspicuous, flower print, and even adjustable planning, Nike ensured that the feel of the Pegasus 35 tennis shoes would speak to everybody’s style inclinations.


In the Pegasus 35, Nike refreshed the binding framework by moving the first eyelets higher up on the top foot. Clients and analyzers report seeing and valuing the additional adaptability that this trim change permits. The excellent woven texture remains cozy on foot without holding you up or confining any development. It is delicate and adaptable, keeping your foot allowed to fly regardless of the action. The top-notch breathable work upper additionally gives incredible help without restricting solace or responsiveness so your foot can be secured yet at the same time accomplish the development expected to run your best.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 - Buying Guide

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Buying Guide


Most wearers announced that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 fits consistent with size. The upper texture is adaptable and offers well to the foot while as yet giving a cozy fit that clients saw as agreeable. The opening of the shoe was noted for including solace since it didn’t cause grinding with the lower leg. In any case, it additionally made a free fit that some wished was progressively secure. The principle champion with a fit for the Pegasus 35, is that it is accessible in four distinct widths;

limited, standard, comprehensive & extra-wide. In spite of the fact that the tight, wide, and extra-wide forms are just accessible off the rack in the dark, you can alter a couple and make your particular shading plan. So these tennis shoes take into account all foot shapes, which gave it high rankings from purchasers for fit.

Mid Sole

The Pegasus 35 continues the equivalent 10-mm drop in the padded sole as past models. In any case, the expansion of the single and full foot Air Zoom unit truly kicked up the presentation of the padded sole. It is one size-able packed air pocket, instead of numerous individual airbags, giving solace and pad to the whole foot-bed. Furthermore, notwithstanding pad, it was intended to ingest and bounce back effect changing over descending strides into upward springs. Clients asserted that this upgrade brought about inclination, a lift, and slight ricochet that they increased in value.

Upper Sole

The top-notch breathable work upper gives incredible help without restricting solace or responsiveness so your foot can be secured yet accomplish the development expected to run your best. The licensed Flywire binding framework is an excellent top-notch plan that verifies the runner’s foot set up, limiting any undesirable moving during runs.

The lightweight and breathable work upper permits simplicity of wind stream, and the new brought down lower leg neckline causes the foot to feel somewhat more free and breathable without giving up any soundness. The neckline additionally has a delicate move away from the heel to offers help without grating to your Achilles ligament. The tongue is somewhat more and more significant than past variants, and clients have given blended audits on that; some feeling like the new bigger tongue made a little undesirable distress.


Having been underway pretty much constant for a long time, the Pegasus shoe leaves not many boxes unchecked. While a few producers battle to accomplish breath-ability and lighter loads while additionally keeping the shoe tough, Nike exceeds expectations. Running shoes, in the long run, wear out and lose some pad, unbending nature, and backing essentially because they’ve had such huge numbers of miles put on them.  Be that as it may, much like a lot of tires, shoes should be traded intermittently for the strength of your feet and the prosperity of the competitor.

In any case, this shoe is manufactured so well. Clients found that it outlived different CrossFit shoes, and scarcely gave indications of separate before it’s an excellent opportunity to be resigned as a runner. The crisscross fastens characteristic of this superior work keeps up the quality of the shoes upper. What’s more, the single bootie development of the top and it’s extreme woven texture makes it hold up well even with consistent use. The out-sole was noted for being inconceivably wear-safe and going on for quite a while before it also started to thin. With everything taken into account, Nike conveys another running shoe worked to last past your miles.


In addition to the fact that this is a superb running shoe, however, the Pegasus 35 performed well over a wide assortment of other development exercises, for example, long separation running, speed preparing, running, and even light trail running. It additionally got incredible surveys for having a smooth plan that moves effectively to wear for easygoing shoe needs. Some running shoes can be structured with an excess of energy for fundamental ordinary easygoing, and straightforward wear. However, the Pegasus 35 keeps up a clean look and unassuming flies of shading to look great when your not running or rehearsing also.


Track and footing are another of these shoes’ most grounded focuses. Purchasers recommended it’s one of Nike’s best track structures for a running shoe on account of its thickness and nature of elastic that appears to scarcely ever give indications of wear. It will keep you running securely on any surface. The outsole is made of Duralon, an active elastic compound. Besides security wearers from surface scraped areas, it likewise includes a touch of the additional pad since it gives some retention and ricochets back. Furthermore, it is particularly grippy on account of the waffle finished structure on the sole that is comprised of adaptable hubs and scores that help it look after footing.

Versions of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield

This running shoe model is the water-repellent form of the standard Nike Pegasus 35. Intended for the streets, the shoe got unique moves up to assistance runners overcome elusive and wet courses. The upper is made of sturdy, water-repellent materials to keep the foot dry. The creases are likewise fixed to keep water from entering the shoe. The upper material stays to be light and breathable. The Pegasus 35 Shield has an excellent outsole material. It utilizes a Storm-Tread Wet Traction elastic for solidness and grasp. This remarkable variety of the Pegasus 35 is progressively sturdy and increasingly costly.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Premium

The Nike Pegasus 35 got an exceptional overhaul in this running shoe. This shoes is intended for fledglings and prepared runners. Alongside its prepared road structure, this present ladies’ Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 offers a decent parity of solace and breath-ability.

The general structure of the excellent form pursued the standard Pegasus 35, however, the padding was tuned for female runners. This running shoe includes a couple of different plan components, including a little Swoosh, metal aglets, wax bands, and calfskin tongue. All these are intended to give runners the top-notch look and feel.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 FlyEase

In this running shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has gotten the FlyEase contact. The ribbon free FlyEase conclusion is intended for a simple on and simple off of the shoe. The FlyEase framework interfaces a snare and-circle tie to the zipper. The bungee lines are specific. It is accessible for the two people’s renditions. Highlighting the example advances found in the Pegasus 35, the shoe conveys a parity of solace, padding, & fit.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Mid Shield

It is the mid-cut adaptation of the Pegasus 35. It likewise has a water-repellent upper and dependable footing for wet and dangerous running conditions. This adaptation is accessible at Nike. The running shoe offers a similar degree of padding, solace, and fit. Since you can tweak this shoe as per your inclinations, you can pick your very own footing and accents, and make it your own. This mid-cut water-repellent form of the Pegasus 35 is accessible at $160.

Versions of Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Versions of Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Metallic

The Pegasus 35 highlights a metallic look in this Pegasus 35 Metallic form. This running shoe for ladies’ offers exquisite looks without bargaining execution, solace, and fit. The shoe utilizes similar advancements and materials found in the regular Pegasus 35 to give sprinters the equivalent responsive padding, agreeable feel, and smooth wrap. The metallic Pegasus 35 likewise includes solid material and engineered upper materials.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Floral

It is an original form intended for ladies. The upper of the shoe has a women’s activist contort; however, despite everything, it conveys solid padding and agreeable fit only like the Pegasus 35. Besides the botanical structure, another exceptional part of this running shoe is the gleam in obscurity outsole. The men’s adaptation of this running shoe is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, with the visual depiction in its upper. The shoe has a tropical print over the upper, and like the flower adaptation, it has a sparkle in obscurity outsole material.

Difference B/W Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 & Nike Pegasus 36

As we referenced, the enormous upgrade to the Pegasus line originated from the 34 to the 35. This year, Nike sunk into a depression. Originators utilized built work to create the uppers on the two shoes. Be that as it may, they added more apertures to the 36’s upper in high-heat zones, similar to the toe box and midfoot, to keep things fresh. In any case, the two uppers are generally fundamentally the same as. The padded sole didn’t change somewhere in the range of 35 and 36, either. Nike kept the equivalent Cushlon froth and full-length Zoom Air padding unit for that additional fly off the forefoot.

Underneath everything, Nike utilized an indistinguishable outsole on the two models. A crowd of waffle cylinder drags gather under the forefoot for ideal hold where you produce the most power, and a rail of elastic secures the horizontal side of the shoe from over the top wear. In our Nike Pegasus 35 survey a year ago, every analyzer said they felt quicker in the shoe. What’s more, the current year’s model feels the equivalent. It’s agile, agreeable, and exceptionally quick.

  • Lightweight

  • Looks Great

  • Quick yet padded feel.

  • Full toe box makes this shoe fit a wide range of foot shapes

  • Cushlon froth battles with warmth

  • Mid-sole began demonstrating some pressure at around 60 miles.


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 isn’t on number 35 for reasons unknown; it has manufactured strong notoriety and a solid running shoe. With each update to the shoe, Nike includes or removes an element that either upgrades or has cheapened its presentation in the past model. The updates to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 are certainly an overhaul from the 34, regardless of whether you are a learner or a genuinely experienced sprinter. The decreased heel counter alone will take into consideration better development while you run, while the full-length Air Zoom unit in the padded sole will impel you forward. By removing several eyelets, Nike has increased current standards in the adaptability office too. These are reasonable, agreeable, responsive, top-notch tennis shoes that would be a fantastic expansion to numerous sprinters’ shoe gathering.


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