Best New Balance WX608V4 Women’s Cross Training Shoe Review

New Balance WX608V4 Women Cross-trainig shoe

New Balance WX608v4 women’s cross training shoes are assembled in the United States of America under keen supervision. This is an outstanding article with an immaculate composition majorly declared for serious training motivations. This artefact exaggerates the urge of its assemblers to accommodate the era of training through the end users. New Balance WX608v4 women’s cross training shoes are made above eminently concerned rubber sole which renovates a firm medium between the shoe and ground.

This product declares its class having a low top from an arch, directing its users towards a balanced walk and running. This article has a strong proof, proving the reliability of New Balance’s quality through the application of IMEVA midsole, which is a combination of softening density form and a firm density form. This combination is responsible for providing a precise cohesion of feet and their home. Very supportive, very exciting, very classic and a prominent extremism of a true inspiration for training sessions.

Today we’re looking at the new balances on WX608V4 with a six-millimetre heel to toe drop. The WX608V4 is a performance road-running shoe built for the neutral runner offering a lightweight and responsive design. This Cheap Women CrossFit shoe is the performance to handle your up-tempo runs while also delivering plenty of cushioning for longer efforts in order to deliver a versatile underfoot experience. The WX608 V4 continues to feature a fresh foam midsole that now offers a slightly updated sidewall geometry convex patterning along the inside of the shoe helps create a slightly firmer feel.

I just got this package I’ve gone for a minute for this package man and I’m so excited so let’s get straight to it all right I see right here. We got this box right here from New Balance now I’m super excited. I’ve wanted the truth for a long time. I’m really excited I’m going to get straight into this in the box and so I’m pretty excited for that with that being said. I’m not going to have any special you know knife or anything like that I got some good old scissors right here. What I was so excited about I’ve been waiting for a long time so we’re going to start off with these are laces of course.

Features of New Balance WX608 V4 Women’s Cross Training Shoes

New Balance WX608V4 Women Cross-trainig shoe

These are great reflective laces I don’t know if you. I can see them but it has a little pretty like speckles any reflective spectacles. It bounces off the light I don’t know if I can see that but I had to order some laces to go with these just wanted to change it out be a little bit different button up. There let’s get straight into this box oh my good man for those who do not know. I am from DC and this shoe right here is a staple shoe in the DMV area  New Balance periods a staple brand in the area so I’m really excited to you know get these shoes right here.

I know a lot of people may not like these a lot of people may say these are like dad shoes. I heard from people say that but right here this. This shoe right here just means culture to me it’s where I’m from. I don’t know this is this is just iconic you know so we’re going to have a quick review right here as I can see the whole upper is great. We got this nice suede on it look premium suede man we got these little parts.

I don’t know but these are darker grey we got the mesh grey mesh the Enright’s head is reflective. I’m trying to turn it if I can see that but we got a Maris in other areas little cutouts with the mess right here. We got WX608 V4 these are the nine-nine the fourth version of the New Balance 623V3. There we go mesh tongue rear come on white with laces but I’m planning on switching that out with my grey ones.

Appearance of New Balance WX608 V4 Women’s Cross Training Shoes

New Balance WX608V4 Women Cross-trainig shoe

New Balance in the back right here with that clear over it New Balance logo right here made in the US. We got the reflective right here in the back great black and white outsole Miso’s grey and white. These shoes it looks pretty nice to me. So, of course, we’ve got to get into their feet one thing I forgot to add in my opinion this shoe is very comfortable. This is also a great fall spring and summer shoe the price on these is at 165 enjoyed all feet sweet lady check on the price of my fabrics.

We got me dead straight by sweating my faster no bunny all hydrous keeps the work through the plastic a treasure sweaty. Now go over a master rock in with a cooler mango great with my shooter man it is tennis leg I got a suitor man bro I barely knew you man target us don’t test me. You know you aren’t smart is us call us with the 52 monitor pockets filled.

While concave patterning along the outside compresses easily for added cushioning along with added laser engravings in the lateral forefoot the shoe should offer a slightly more flexible forefoot experience than its predecessor on the outsole and new blown rubber designs used to help increase durability. while also providing sufficient traction on the roads for a high level of comfort and breathability the MX608 V4 receives an all-new upper featuring a jacquard mesh in the forefoot for added breathability and a new hypo skin material for added midfoot lockdown. This shoe helps deliver an enhanced on foot experience weighing 7.4 ounces for women.



  • Leather
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch
  • IMEVA midsole
  • Dual-density Collar


  • Difficult over steep running
  • A bit heavy weight of it may get you tired after 5-6 hours.


New Balance is offering high-quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their speciality. Most of them are an all-rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

Best New Balance WX608V4 Women’s Cross Training Shoe Review
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