Best New Balance 623V3 Women’s Cross Training Shoe Review


New Balance 623v3 women’s cross training shoes define the promising quality of its vendor. The sensitive women feet and its belongings including toes will surely love the way, these shoes are built under the trusting ingredients, consisting of 100% suede. The smooth and ethnic rubber sole, which lies beneath the major structure, is very friendly towards the gripping, balancing and comfort. Its extensive qualified rubber sole absorbs the crash pad heels up to major extents and prevents this asset as well as feet from damages.

Eva density form majorly aids the quality of this product by securing it from shocks and maintains the balance of the user. Wait wait wait, have you ever experienced a Best CrossFit shoe For Women having all best feature including “internal shank”, the answer will be sure “No”, you know what? An internal shank minimizes the loads incurred by the user and supports the training sessions on steepness over mountainous ascents. And fortunately, if you are reading under the heading of an excellent shoe, you are at right place to fulfil your demands.

An outstanding experience is being waited by this New Balance’s 623v3 on the behalf of its user. Go ahead before it may go out of production.

Hi everyone today I’m going to talk about the Woman’s 623 Cross Training shoes.  623 cross trainer is obviously in the athletic category is going to provide a tremendous amount of lateral support for those people looking to do anything in the gym. What we do get is a lot of our customers wear it as an everyday shoe some of the reasons for that is because it comes in various different widths anything from the narrow to a really wide and it comes in a variety of different colours. The 623 series is leather upper which is going to help you against the weather conditions.

I’m just getting roasted throws in my clothing that is roasting me there wasn’t everything about me. So I need to show you guys this DMS because they are pretty hilarious and I need to show you what I receive in my DM is on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie most of the roasts have been about these person’s about the New Balances the 623’s.

The Appearance of New Balance 623v3 Women’s Cross Training Shoes



I mean I think they’re pretty fresh but a lot of people been roasting them. They said that grandpa shoes my dad has these shoes they’re ugly. I think what you’ve been cooking me about the issues I’m like dude they look comfortable honestly. I’m not when we’re with them but I will be at energy Anaheim with them and where do I go out I just might be wearing these just all depends. Where I’m going, to be honest, but you can’t tell me these shoes don’t look comfortable. Then are you that nice arch support and people just hate it like crazy like what makes these shoes different from these shoes like.

I really don’t understand the difference like I got this Easy’s right here but what makes these cooler than the New Balances. I think the new Val says, person, you look better than the easiest honestly like the easies they’re cool they’re pretty comfortable. But I think the New Balance does have these beat, to be honest like there’s more. They’re more comfortable they look a little bit better too so I mean these I’m like to sell these then I still haven’t laced these shoes up yet.

I do not know why but these shoes are pretty fresh but still what makes these better than the new bounce is it the logos at the Nike logo is that. They’re a pair of Jordan’s like it does is it like the actual physical shoe like I don’t think anything is a much more special about this shoe. I think the new Mouse’s are just as cool if not even cooler and these the new bouncers are definitely more comfortable than these like these shoes you wear just to look good.

Performance of New Balance 623v3 Women’s Cross Training Shoes



But the new balance they look good and they’re comfortable so I still think a new balance have these shoe B as well and even these shoes the Danowski is the camel. I thought wear camo heavy camo is definitely one I just like I love camel I love the look of camo but still like these shoes definitely not as much support as new balance the better skateboarding. When I put these shoes on I can do like a make Ollie flip 900 big barrel and pretty much. When I have the New Balances on I came to an Ollie so like these shoes if you’re skateboarding hell of ton shells are the same no, Shane O’Neill, the skateboarding goat but like these shoes hope the time I skate. But I’m not even going to lie but other than that I still need a new Balance that is an overall better shoe.

I don’t like the shoes is that much but they’re not like you guys are passing it too much they’re not that bad levy just want to public wear those they’re honestly not that bad at all. If you’re using it as every day but also accommodates the orthotic really nicely. So those people are looking to put any type of insole or a custom orthotic into the New Balance WX608V4. It’s definitely going to fit and it’s going to accommodate it really nice if we take a look at the cushioning system has a nice absorb. So you don’t need to worry about that the 623 series has been in history for New Balance for quite a while and it’s continuing to do all really well and be extremely successful. I highly recommend it come check it out.



  • 100% Suede
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • AIMEVA midsole
  • Absorb crash pad heel
  • Eva footbed
  • Internal shank
  • Non-marking outsole


  • Not for oldies


New Balance is offering high-quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their speciality. Most of them are an all-rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

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