Best New Balance 496V3 Women’s Cross Training Shoes Review


New Balance 496V3 women’s cross training shoes are extremely humble for ultimate training sessions and demanding exercises. 100% synthetically renovated shoes landing on co-operative rubber sole will never want to disappoint your trust on this product and will refine your experience of walking, jogging and exercising.
The ultra-soft interior makes the dream of comfort come true for the wearer.

Wear it and leave the rest for it to maintain your balance. It’s immensely agreeable inner prevents the feet to be swelled during long-term training sessions. Dense anti shocking cushions are the essential ingredients of New Balance’s products, then how this shoe can miss it? Extremely qualified anti shocking cushion makes its place inside this article to completely secure the balance. Simply, attain its perfection as early as possible!

Today we’re checking out the New Balance fresh v3. These are neutral road running shoes that have picked up some steam in the running community over the past couple years. New Balance has been making a big comeback so we decided to pick them up chime out for ourselves and I got to say I’m a big fan. So today we’re going to talk about what’s new with the 496v3. What we like what we don’t like okay so first up let’s just quickly run through what’s new over the 496v3.

First New Balance went with a new engineered mesh material for the upper and eliminated the overlays.  It’s still raster foot extremely well and I think it’s more breathable now compared to the New Balance 624V2 also made a slight change the outer sidewall the midsole. I know but it does result in a little firmer of a ride and less flex the VIII’s also features a new saddle. Which I ended up really liking a lot it really allows you to strap these shoes your feet and it helps with lockdown and lastly, the side logos are now reflective kind of a minor change.

We’ve actually Bend this material through here but with interlocked it with the laces better. So the hugging fit across the top of the shoe is better the fit is more similar to version one that was a fifth a lot of people might because of the slightly deeper in the toe box and have a secure fit around the midfoot and that’s what we wanted to refer to as well the freshman Valentine’s. What we consider a triple threat the first element of it is we’ve got that tempo running.

Construction of New Balance 496V3 Women’s Cross Training Shoes


But it might be nice for some people that love to run at night ok so that’s what’s new now. Let’s talk about arguably the most attractive thing about these shoes and that’s the price point their MSRP is 100 dollars but we’ve already seen them as low as 85. So finally we have a solid pair of running shoes below that $100 mark. So you can check them out for yourself but if New Balance isn’t for you or maybe you’re just looking for some more cushioning running shoes. We all the time are posting awesome deals on Women CrossFit running shoes.

Whether it’s a six Brooks Nike all the big brands I know we can save you guys some money okay back to the VIII’s. Another thing that I like is that they are ultra-lightweight at around eight point eight ounces sometimes you forget they’re even on your feet. They’re great for those fast-paced shorter distances a bit like the concept with the underarms of velocities only. I think it’s better the VIII’s are also pretty comfortable no issues with pressure points and the tongue is just fine and like I said earlier lockdown is solid. There’s also a decent amount of padding around the ankle collar and I had no issues with heel slippage at all.

Appearance of New Balance 496V3 Women’s Cross Training Shoes



I also think these shoes will be pretty durable over the long haul you can definitely tell New Balance was going for increased durability with the V3 as far as negatives. I already kind of touched on one and that’s cushion the V3 are definitely firmer than the V2 especially in the forefoot. I’d say bounce back is just average as well I was hoping for a little more there. But I guess for short quick distances it makes sense and lastly this didn’t happen to me. But I have heard some people complain that their toes rubbed against the lateral side of the shoe.

So if you’re kind of on the size border for the v2 you may think about ordering up a half size with the V3 some other things you may want to know these shoes have a six-millimetre drop. So not the typical nine ten drop you see with like the gel nimbus series or ultra-boost running shoes, for example, the V3 is kind of that nice compromise between those high-end cushioned running shoes and racing flats. I said earlier these are neutral shoes so if you tend to overpronate. I would recommend staying away from these overall though I really like these shoes especially given their affordable price point.

They’re pretty versatile they’re perfect for speed training probably best for 5ks but they still have enough support and cushion for those longer distances probably up to about a half marathon or so I’d say but I want to hear from you guys let me know what you think. it’s like it’s going to give you a lot of bouncing this lot of speed and then obviously we’ve got the lifestyle element as well with our other colourways here the first ones are so very come and try the New Balance fresh V3.



  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Anti-shocking cushion
  • Ultra soft comfort insert
  • Walking strike path


  • Slippery on grass
  • Not much stylish


New Balance is offering high-quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their speciality. Most of them are an all-rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

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