Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Women’s Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Womens Running Shoe

Mizuno wave creation 18 women’s Running shoe is closer to Mizuno wave creation 17 by shape and performance. There is a slight difference but better one in the technology used in this shoe pair. It is practiced to overcome the cons of the previous version in this current object. It is multi-purpose shoe pair that is designed not only for flat footed but also arched footed athletes. It is more comfortable and efficient in working.

Appearance of Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Women’s Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Womens Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 18 is employing a lot of their signature wave cushioning, it’s a flagship that is simple to see on people’s feet as you go out on runs or in local races. The shoe has great stability and is a great option for the mid-range training runs. However, there are some significant flaws that hold back this shoe for this. It is a premium coach, that uses all Mizuno’s premium materials. It sits at the Peak of the food-chain for Mizuno trainers being one of the most well-known Crossfit shoes they supply and a financial step down from the Prophecy. Upon unboxing I believed these shoes seemed great and they are a few of the best looking shoes I’ve been sent.

They have a great color scheme and an aggressive appearance to them. The wave cushioning only being beneath the heel helps with the appearance as well. However, on the very first run, I had the idea that these high-cushioned shoes appeared to lack the cushion that was promised. The sole component of the shoe uses a mix of Mizuno’s Signature Infinity Wave Cushioning and U4ic foam. The Wave cushioning is a flexible plastic that creates a spring response when compressed and assists a runner throughout their heel-to-toe transition. But, I didn’t experience that, instead, I experienced a very firm ride that was just fine for mid-sized runs, but abandoned missing during the double-digit runs or longer.

Performance of Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Women’s Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 18 Womens Running Shoe

The other thing I found on my runs was that if the concrete Was wet, these sneakers became tricky to run in. They did not have a good grip on regular surfaces throughout my first few runs, however, that went away as I stuck them in. Nevertheless, the general clasp became something that played in my mind once I thought of which shoes to wear on my run daily. The upper is exceptionally comfortable.It is completely breathable while not being porous to water. Your toes will feel cooled and clean with this top notch. Mostly seamless, using quite a few stiff overlays that help secure your feet into the upper. Nonetheless, these overlays are required because the shoe is a lot wider a fit that is a similar shoe from another brand. Actually, the upper feels wide throughout — from heels to toe. As a result of this broad feeling, I pulled the laces as tight as they would go before I sensed completely locked in.

With pulling the laces like this, there was so much shoelace left, that sometimes the loops of my shoelaces would go awry causing me to almost fall a few times. I expect them to be more comfortable in all runs short/fast or even long/slow. But this shoe did not live up to this expectation at all. As every day, wear to school and instruct shoe, these are great. When I wished to go 5-9 miles at a simple rate, they were great. It is A little much for me to fall on a pair of specialization mid-sized shoes. I understand That they have a loyal fanbase and following. However, these are not shoes I’d recommend to many runners.



  • Import quality
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Underfoot is equipped with EVA Strobel
  • Breathable
  • Excellent Gripping
  • U4ic Midsole
  • Perfect Cushioning
  • Uplifted by Infinity wave technology


  • Suitable for only high arched runners
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