Best Inov8 F Lite 235 Women Fitness Shoe Review

Inov8 F Lite 235 Women Fitness Shoe

Here comes another member from the family off lite series. Comfortable, fit to the foot, and compatible piece as usual. It is like a progressed shape of original f lite series. With this shoes pair athlete can face any type of workout with full confidence and trust. Flexibility, longevity and multitasking are the main traits of Inov8 f lite 235 women’s Fitness Shoe.
The best companion in your training session with the ability to handle 360 degree Rope-Tec. Stability that is must in every workout comes with 40% denser heel unit. Extra cushioning leads to the ultimate comfort and relief. They are Helpful in avoiding pain in ankles, knees and legs.

Today we are talking about the innovate F light to 235. I really like them they’re ultra-minimalist cross-training shoes with a zero drop. I was a big fan of those and so when they announced these I was kind of thinking what more could innovate F lite 235 do to make a better shoe and actually they added a few things that I hadn’t even considered. So we are going to talk about what you need to know about these shoes let’s get to.

So with these shoes innovate F lite 235 really changed three big things Number one they are more durable now they’ve got a thicker strip of rubber here on the toe that’s good for burpees the material is not going to flake off and what not now they also have an improved rope system. So that’s part of the durability it’s better than what we saw last year but not as good as Reebok it doesn’t actively grip the rope so you can make a note of that
Number two is that they have a wider toe box so your feet are going to stretch out more now some people will like that other people won’t I like it. When I’m doing dead lifts things like that although I’m not doing much lately because lingering back issues we won’t get into that but a much wider toe box.

Number three is they have a better lock down I didn’t even notice this when I was wearing the originals but that kind of tie your foot down to the footplate these ones lock it down. When you’re doing like side to side movements and things like that they have a better lock down system here with the inov8 F lite 235 going to the heel they have a denser heel right here. So when you’re doing the list there’s not a lot of compression the old ones didn’t have a lot but these have far less these are a zero drop shoe.

Inov8 F Lite 235 Women’s Fitness Shoe

Inov8 F Lite 235 Women Fitness Shoe

So big fan of that and then the other part with the heel is that the old ones they used to flex a little bit when you do a sprint they’d come back but these have this nice big red strip that prevents against that. So that’s really in terms of what changed with these shoes. I’m still a big-time fan I think for people that like ultra-minimalist shoes. These are a great option especially if you’re doing a lot of cross-training CrossFit Shoes that sort of thing.

You’re going to notice that the f lite 235 a lot wider than what you’re normally used to the toe box has a pretty good amount of space the front of the shoe is flatter than pointed the midfoot actually cradles your foot pretty well. You’ve got the adapter fit technology which makes it so that the shoe kind of conforms to your foot the drop on this shoe is a zero drop the insole is a three-millimeter footbed and the midsole stack is ten millimeters

So this shoe is very low to the ground and that’s what kind of makes innovate shoes what they are they’re very more minimalist than the rest of the shoes on the market. This is one of the most flexible shoes that I have ever used really moves with you. When you’re doing any kind of movement this is also one of the most breathable shoes that I’ve ever used almost to the point. Where it was too much and my feet would get cold my extremities get pretty cold and that. I noticed pretty quickly especially in the colder months right now.

The appearance of Inov8 F Lite 235 Women’s Fitness Shoe

Inov8 F Lite 235 Women Fitness Shoe

There’s not a lot of padding down with the insole so make note of that that also means that they’re not great for running although. I’ve actually had worse training shoes for running. So it wouldn’t be what I would use these for though you’re going to use them for basic training or going to the gym in they do fit true to size if you ask me although some people say that they fit just a little bit small. They’re about eight and a quarter ounces which makes them really lightweight and they retail for a hundred and thirty dollars.

I actually prefer to do my only big lifting in flatter shoes than in elevated heels holey shoes and I think the responsiveness and just all-around fit and feel of the innovate to 235 make it one of the best training shoes on the market compared to the Nano and the Metcon. The innovate 235 is the most flexible and the lightest of those shoes. While still providing very good stability and power delivery when it comes to lifting movements this is an all-around very good shoe for functional fitness. If you guys want something different and you wanted a great performer shoe that was a little bit more minimalist than those the innovate 235 is going to be probably the best selection out there.




  • Fabrication is perfectly done
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Import quality
  • Breathable
  • Extra cushioning
  • Rubber sole
  • Compressed EVA midsole
  • Fit rubber outsole with 3mm depth


  • Not water proof in all types of wetness
  • Not so comfortable to small feet with arch


Invo 8 is offering high quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable CrossFit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.


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