Best NIKE RN Flyknit Women CrossFit Shoes Review 2019


Nike RN Flyknit Women Running shoes support in running activities. These shoes are composed of imported and synthetic rubber. The shaft measures approximately 2.75 inches.

These shoes have significant height of platform that provides significant support in performing various Best CrossFit Shoes For Women activities. These shoes have excellent fit that locks the foot firmly and avoid dislocation in case of any hectic activity. These shoes are light in weight thus, ideal for weight lifting activities. These shoes provide natural movement. Allow flexible contraction and relaxation.

We have another running shoe review you guys are keeping me busy today. We’ve got the NIKE RN Flyknit women shoe. I specifically like the fly net model these are my favorite I mean they’re not running shoes even though Nike says. They’re running shoes they’re mostly casual shoes walking around shoes everyday shoes maybe bring them to the gym. If you want I’m still a big time fan though only this time. This year with the model they are not Nike best FREE shoes ever in fact I don’t really like them all that much. There’s some stuff that’s kind of new with them that’s cool and I would take them over a hell of a lot of shoes out there.

Which are essentially the Nike free flying at Metcon 4.0 is but with a different name because Nike changing their running shoe lineup up shifting things around adding new shoes but none of that really affects. What the RNs are supposed to do and that is being a good running shoe for the average person and is an awesome lifestyle shoe that you can wear to the gym. We’re walking around and just wear all day long because they are incredibly comfortable the one thing I will say is that the RNs are a much better running shoe than we saw with all of the Nike Metcon 4.0.

I really like that but they are 130 dollars at retail which is ten dollars more than we saw the Nike Metcone 3 retail out. Which means there must be a lot of inflation in the shoe making business anyways? You can check the most up-to-date pricing. So it’s helpful to go over and check that out. Now let’s talk more about the Nike Free RN fly Nets okay. So the reason I say these are better for running then choose what we’ve seen in the past from Nike is primarily based on three things.

Features of NIKE RN Flyknit Women’s CrossFit Shoes

NIKE RN Flyknit Women Running Shoe

I wouldn’t use these as proper running shoes. I’m going to use them mostly as like casual shoes and you’re certainly not going to be training in them. They’ve got NIKE RN Flyknit only this time around it is a lot more coarse and harsh on your skin. So much so that I’m going to recommend that you wear them only with socks. Which kind of sucks because with my other NIKE RN Flyknit women shoe. I exclusively wear them without socks.

Number one they have a more cushioned springier outsole that I really like it’s honestly very good for running especially for the average runner going between three and five miles. Then number two they now have an 8 millimeter drop as opposed to a 6 millimeter heel to toe drop. This can make a big difference for a lot of runners out there put your foot in a little bit more natural angle for running as opposed to barefoot running with some of the older models out there. Now obviously that takes a little bit away from the minimalist feel but not so much that it bothers me at all. I hardly notice but I do think it props your foot up for a better running experience and then last up they are narrower than we’re used to. This means that they hug your foot a little bit more I really like the new fit.

I’m not going to say they’re a narrow shoe but they are narrow than you’re used to with the free lineup. I still think a lot of people out there with wider feet will be pretty happy with the free RN fly nets now all of this does come with the downside though. So if Nike is programming more for running that means that they’re slightly less appealing for other exercises like lifting for example because they have a narrower profile especially in the toes and the outsole isn’t as firm now that’s a trade-off.

So if you like running you’re going to be happy with the free RN fly nets but still honestly they’re insanely comfortable socks or no socks and I’m still going to say they’re really good gym shoes. Nonetheless they do fit true to size which is kind of throwing a lot of Nike fans off and they weigh in at just about 8 ounces. This is crazy lightweight they have awesome lockdown because they got the fly wire cables it kind of cinched tighter as you tighten the laces. Which I really like to fly our cables and then they also have a little bit more support than some of the older Nike free models.

Appearance of Nike RN Flyknit Women’s CrossFit Shoes

NIKE RN Flyknit Women Running Shoe


They go a little bit farther up your ankle it was kind of weird at first but I do like the additional support and Nike made the heel cup with a non-stretch layer of fabric. Which basically just means the fit of the shoe is not going to chain. Because the heel Cup material is stretching and I’m good with that in terms of tread Nike pulled a typical Nike.

They now claim that the new tread on the shoes is the end-all-be-all greatness of tread look it’s good but it’s not any better or any more special than the hexagonal grooves that we saw in some of the older models. They still do have the NIKE RN Flyknit upper that I love it’s very comfortable and breathable and flexible but provides a good amount of structure Nike just kills it with a NIKE RN Flyknit women shoe upper and that is about all. I can say about the free RN fly nets other than the name is kind of hard to say and I’ve said it a number of times.

I’m actually a fan of the new construction they also have a pretty decent amount of art. So if you like reach your foot in there you can feel the arch which I like it feels comfortable on my feet and then you can interchange the insert. So if you want a little bit more correction or arch support you can make that adjustment because the inserts are interchangeable. Now that’s most of like the major stuff do you want to know all the worthwhile stuff to mention? I don’t know I wanted to love them obviously I was hoping for another killer model of the Nike Free RN financed by the way.

So I’m proud of myself that I can actually say it correctly I think for the first time in a while these are going to be attractive to a lot of avid runners but they’re still going to be the real deal in terms of being a casual shoe and a gym shoe and all of that stuff. I’m going to give them big thumbs up and would I pay a hundred and thirty dollars for them. I know that’s your big question well I did and yes I would do it again. That’s how much I liked them and speaking of liking things.

But yeah they’re not my favorite still here’s what you need to know about them okay so with the Nike free RN flying at version they look almost identical to last year’s models so you really have to dig in to figure out what’s new they’ve got the same cushioning system and outsoles last time they’re super flexible crazy lightweight and pretty decently breathable they’ve got good bounce back and okay energy absorption but like I said before. Have a nice day



  • Allow natural Movement
  • Ultra light support
  • Ideal foot fit
  • Synthetic ubber
  • Light in weight
  • Ideal for weight lifting


  • Narrow tip
  • Design is not catchy


Nike is offering highly quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable crossfit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

Best NIKE RN Flyknit Women CrossFit Shoes Review 2019
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