Best Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes Reviews 2019

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

Nike metcon 2  cross training shoes support various CrossFit training session. These shoes are composed of highly quality synthetic rubber. The inner linen of these shoes is covered with mesh upper that balances the environment inside the shoes and ensures the breathability.
These cross training shoes help in carrying out intense CrossFit activities including weight lifting, sprints and climbs. These shoes have flywire mid-foot technology ensures foot lock. Dual density foam inside the foot provides high quality cushioning and comfort. Flat and platform sole ensures suitable lifts. Zero drag heels ensure handstand pushups.

CrossFit shoes are going to be hugely popular. We are fielding dozens and dozens of emails and messages and tweets about them. You guys want to review so getting around to it. We’re going to talk about the pros and the cons of these shoes and then my opinion in my recommendation. So make sure you stick around anyways. Let’s go ahead and jump into it. I’m super excited to have them. I test it out and reviewed the original Matt con. So these are in iterative update and I’ve only been testing them here for the last couple of days. So this is like an initial review I will post a full review again but what we have going on here is basically the Nike Metcon 1 with a few improvements first off the toe area is going to be a lot more resistant to wear.

So in an effort to be transparent with you guys the Nike Metcon 2 much like the Original net cons just not fit my feet great look. They’re comfortable and they look awesome but there’s just something about the shoes. It kind of reminds me of clown Shoes on my feet. They’re Best Women’s  CrossFit shoes. Generally are pretty wide and actually really liked that but for some reason the Nike CrossFit shoes out there just don’t sit great on my feet. They feel way too big all the way around with that said ignoring the fact that they’re probably not the right shoe for my foot. We have friends that absolutely love the fit of the Metcon. so it’s definitely a person-by-person thing regardless.

I was nervous about it with the Nike Metcon 1 and a lot of people did get the toe area chopped up. It’s going to be much better on the Metcon Tuesday firmed it up different materials and it’s going to be a lot more resistant definitely there the other thing is on the heel they added this little plastic strip. So that when you’re doing handstand push-ups it slides against the wall and I was just testing out about an hour ago.

Construction, Appearance of Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

It works perfectly now it might be like the original lifters from Reebok where you’re going to punch a hole in the wall. I don’t think so though and it did work really well with sliding against a wall like I’ve not tested out a shoe like that before. I really like that other than that they still have the inside in the outside panel here that grips the rope really good. It actively grips the real probably one of the best panels for that the tread on the bottom is good. There overall pretty good for running and it seems like a lot of people love Nike CrossFit shoes.


We think these are killer CrossFit shoes all set and you’ll no doubt be seeing them everywhere. First up for the most part, they are the exact same as the original met cons but with a few minor changes. Most of which think they are going to make a big difference in terms of performance. You can save some money. If you go with the original Metcons You can check updated pricing on both models but you know if you want the best CrossFit shoes from Nike. The second generations Metcon’s are going to be the way to go for sure. They have a toe box area that has been further reinforced.

Which should help with durability on the original Metcons a lot of people complain that they were getting the toe?

Box area chopped up we are not seeing anywhere with the Metcon 2. They have changed the material a little bit also you get a new slider on the heels which are just a little.

Take strip that helps you slide against the wall for handstand push-ups and that actually worked perfectly. We were a little bit concerned that it was more of a gimmick but it ended up being my favorite thing about the Nike  Metcon 2 really great stuff. We like that a lot the other thing is that the Nike Metcon 2 have at least in my opinion a little bit more stable of a heel not like the rich Froning  shoes but a little bit more stable than the original met cons.

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes Performance

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

We actually really liked other than that. They still have the ultra-durable rope resistant panels on the inside in the outside of the shoe. That actively grip for rope climbs so they just protect your shoe. This was kind of like the original idea of the Rope resistant panel. Now they actively grip the rope which is awesome a lot of people really like that. The tread on the bottom is great for the gym and for road running though. We probably keep my workouts to less than 2 miles with these shoes.

They have a four millimeter heel to toe drop pretty standard for CrossFit and they just really aren’t designed for running though.  They’re probably better for running than a lot of other CrossFit shoes. They’re pretty breathable also and they have decent lock down though. Your heel is going to slide around a bit depending on which socks you use so kind of play around with that.  We don’t know that’s really it with the met cons. They’re durable they look awesome. They’re comfortable. Nike added a few new clever things. They run one half size small like we see with all Nike and they weigh around 11 ounces though that will fluctuate here. They’re not the right shoes for my foot. We think they’re going to be hugely popular a lot of my friends swear by them and love them and they’re probably willing to spend a hundred and thirty dollars on them because that is the MSRP.

They aren’t my personal favorite like I still prefer Reebok but if you have a little bit wider of a foot these are a fantastic option they don’t fit me great but I still really like them and a lot of people love them including athletes. That are paid to love them anyways so a little bit of an iterative update maybe they’re a little bit lighter maybe a little bit more breathable but the big things are improvements to the toe box area maybe a little bit better lock down and then that heel strip.

We personally think that’s not what we want to pay but we guess that’s kind of where the rest of the market is also. We hope you enjoyed the review my recommendation is that if you have a little bit wider of a foot. You’ve tried out Nike CrossFit shoes.  If you’re watching your wallet and you still want most of the benefits from Nike CrossFit shoes go with a Nike Metcon 1.  You can also check out my other reviews of other CrossFit shoes.



  • Highly breathable
  • Flywire structure
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent for handstand pushups
  • Dual density foam


  • Not ideal for running
  • Flat outsole
  • Lower capacity to absorb shocks



Nike is offering highly quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable crossfit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

Best Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes Reviews 2019
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