Best Nike Metcon 1 Women’s Running Shoes Review 2019

Nike Metcon 1 Running Shoes

Nike  Metcon 1 Running Shoes is also falls in the category of finest running shoes. The outsole of these shoes is ideal to support running activities. These shoes have ideal flywire structure that provides powerful lockdown.
These shoes are embedded with flex grooves that allow your foot to move naturally. These shoes have high quality perforations that provide extensive breathability while performing hectic CrossFit activities. Another exciting feature of these shoes is that its forefoot maximizes the traction that ensures significant grip with ground.

This is my full review of the Nike Metcon 1 trainers. Which if you didn’t know is Nike CrossFit? You though they are not in any way connected to CrossFit the company but that has not stopped Nike from trying to enter the market in a big way. We’re going to be taking a quick look at the Nike Metcon ones. This is a nice Best Women Training Shoes. I’ve been using it specifically for a CrossFit for about the last two or three months and it’s been a great shoe. I consider myself to be a mediocre kind of an intermediate Cross fitter. I’m pretty good at the lifting side of things. I’m a terrible runner and it just kind of goes with the territory though and i have been using the Nano prior to this. So it was an older version of the Nano the Reebok Nano 2.0. So if I’m comparing this to the Reebok Nano 2.0 in my mind. This is a far superior shoe I much prefer this one over the Reebok Nano 2.0 for a couple of reasons.

He Rebook Nano 2.0 were I’m not sure exactly why that I don’t think there was as good for running as these are. Whenever I would run with the Reebok Nano 2.0 I would end up you know my shins would hurt? It just it was a really burdensome thing like I said I’m not a very good runner anyways. But these are these make running much better for me at least. I also like there’s more stability in the heel. So it’s like I said it’s really good Crossover shoe where it’s stable enough that you can do a lot of the Olympic lifts you know. If they come up in a workout but also still a decent runner so I like the stability in the heel.

It’s kind of nice they have this little grippy on the sides for rope climbs. So that’s good there and then another thing i really like is they’ve actually it’s kind of hard to see. I’ll try to give you a good look they’ve actually the tongue is actually sewn right into the lining of the shoe. This it’s actually part of the lining which means you’re not going to get your tongue twisting around on you during the workout. This would always happen any by the time i was done a workout with the Nano the tongue would be twist it off completely to the side. So it’s nice and then these little loops here on the laces actually keep your shoe.

Appearance, Construction of Nike Metcon 1 Running Shoes

Nike Metcon 1 Running Shoes

I don’t think they’re the best CrossFit you out there at any rate. Here’s what you need to know about these shoes first up. They retail for one hundred and twenty dollars just like the Nano and you can buy them. They fit one half size small as is common with Nike shoes. They have a four millimeter heel toe drop just like the Nano. Which really seems to be the sweet spot in terms of a drop for a lot of CrossFit shoes and actually the Nike Metcon 1 are very cushioned throughout particularly in the heel and the forefoot. Which I thought made them ideal for running but there is quite a lot of compression. When you’re doing lifts also they have very thick but grippy rubber that surrounds both the inside and the outside of the shoe that helps protect against wear from the rope.

But it not only protects it actually actively grips the rope. Which is really nice and not a lot of shoes take this approach generally. It’s more about protection not so much about trying to actively grip that rope and related to the grippy rubber. That’s on the side of the shoes the out soles have pretty much the same material here and the design overall is really great and it’s sticky and it’s pretty good for most surfaces okay. So that’s the basic overview stuff but the real question is how did they perform and well they’re very comfortable. There’s no doubt in my mind they will be a durable shoe but despite the fact that they’re lightweight and they’re breathable they’re a big shoe.

Nike Metcon 1 Running Shoes Performance

Nike Metcon 1 Running Shoes

There’s just a lot of material and they’re a lot wider than I anticipated the toe box is wide and I like that. But the whole shoe fits very wide and that meant that I could not get the fit that I was hoping for and my heel kept slipping. Which was kind of annoying the fly wire cables on the outside do help to lock down your mid foot? But I just could not get that in a fit quite right and they’re really inflexible and rigid especially. When compared to the CrossFit compete 614 shoes so overall. I really did like the issues but I’m not sure they’re the right CrossFit shoes for me.

You know keep your laces locked in a little tighter so it doesn’t loosen up during the workout for you the way that my previous shoes did so great shoe. If I was going to make one suggestion or one complaint online was looking into this before. I picked these up there were folks that were saying that they tend to run big. So they were recommending getting even up to a size smaller than you would normally get. So I wasn’t sure what to make of that I got I ended up my size 10 and a half. I picked up a size 10 and if I had to do it over again I would have just got my regular size to me they seem to fit just like the same sizing as my other shoes do and so by going a half a size smaller actually lengthwise.

I’m okay i mean I’m a little tight but width wise for me it made a little more narrow than i would prefer to have you know like i said it’s not a huge deal. I’ll still definitely be able to wear these but i would recommend it or if i could have done it again I would have just stayed with my regular size. So that’s Nike Metcon 1 great shoe definitely recommends it and good luck with your training.

I think they look really great they’re certainly among the best-looking CrossFit shoes out there. There’s no doubt that they’re going to be breathable and lightweight and very durable. But I’m not sure that they’re going to be my go to CrossFit shoe and that’s it.



  • Highly breathable
  • Flywire structure
  • Ideal for running
  • Extensive traction
  • Extremely durable


  • Slim structure
  • Flat outsole
  • Lower capacity to absorb shocks


Nike is offering highly quality Women’s Cross Fit shoe categories. All the shoes are brilliant according to their specialty. Most of them are all rounder. Women are highly selective and cautious while selecting the CrossFit shoes thus, this is the right platform for them to choose best suitable crossfit shoe pair as we provide the honest and thorough guide of women’s CrossFit shoe reviews.

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