Best Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 Women CrossFit Shoe Review

Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 Women Fitness Shoe

We are looking at the Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 it is from Asics let’s give it alone at least running based trainers have a really durable combination mesh and synthetic suede upper making it ideal for cross wrinkles allow your foot to breathe. Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 was looking for a comfortable supportive cross training shoe because she’s involved in doing the insanity workout and wanted something from that particular exercise routine which involves a lot of different you know things including jumping around

I’ll still give me that great structural integrity that you need you have a fluid ride midsole in there that features SP EBA materials as very lightweight will slip me the excellent energy return every single step you take you also have a rear foot gel cushioning system to be an excellent shock absorption and energy return back here in the heel.

These shoes it actually says they are functional fitness shoes burpees box jumps or whatever initially I did not want to buy these shoes because they kind of look cheap. The stock photos made it look a little crappy but in real life it’s actually a really good looking shoe the materials are very nice. It’s well constructed it’s super light it weighs eight point eight ounces the heel to toe drop is three millimeters which puts it in line with the Reebok Nano 5.0.

Looks of Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 Women Fitness Shoe

Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 Women Fitness Shoe

I believe that heels like seven millimeters and the toe area is three millimeters.  There’s this little saying on the inside there’s every day stronger which is a little cheesy but whatever you’re going to see the insole slightly more cushion than what you’re going to see on the Nano. It’s about three millimeters the platform overall is very reminiscent of the Reebok Speed.

TRS the current version of CTR the shoe shape is very reminiscent of them as well these are 9.5 fitment wise you’re going to notice that the toe box area is a little bit more narrow than on Reebok Nanos or Nike metcons initially but it does break in overtime to the footwork. They do become very comfortable but the overall shape and feel is more reminiscent of the Speed TRS now performance wise. I’ve done pretty much everything you can do in these shoes of run box jumps cleans and whatnot and then perform as good as just about any other CrossFit Shoes.

You can see you got kind of a little bit of an air pocket back there that’s what’s going to give you that added energy. You also have a har rubber on the outsole here that’s designed to give you a real steady stride and a wonderful flex. Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 has made these shoes super awesome. I’ll show you she’s found them so far to be very comfortable and supported for her exercise routines the shoes are lightweight they have decent breathability they have a pretty good traction. So here’s that you can see that on the bottom show you what it looked like on the top and the inside you know long-term reliability of course.

Performance of Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 Women Fitness Shoe

Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 Women Fitness Shoe

This is actually a little bit more midsole cushioning so they’re a little bit more forgiving so just kind of walk around there and coaching otherwise they’re very flat shoes very neutral and the power delivery is still very good on these shoes. I’ll be at that cushioned midsole traction is excellent it kind of has this crazy-looking pattern here but I’ve never had any kind of loss of traction durability to what wise you have this kind of like a nylon ripstop fabric upper very breathable.

I haven’t had any kind of like hot foot issues or anything I haven’t climbed the Rope in these shoes. Overall I really liked the Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 they’re a very good looking shoe they fit well if you have a more narrow feet they’re probably going to be better for you than like a Reebok Nano 5.0. I know that’s a main about the Reebok Nano series shoes overall it’s a very good alternative shoe to what’s already out there. They don’t expect like anything game-changing here.

They are very comfortable and it looked good if you can get them on sale by all means definitely spring for them I think the deal that I got them for is was excellent overall definitely do recommend any shoes if you are looking at them you just wanted something a little bit different check out the Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 I’d say it’s a pass better than a Reebok Nano five-point nose.



  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 3″ from arch
  • Lace-up shoe featuring breathable mesh upper with supportive logo overlays at sides
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Removable insole
  • FluidRide technology for bounce-back and cushioning
  • Flexible FluidAxis technology


  • Limited colors
  • Fitting issues
  • Not enough lateral support


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