Best Women’s ALEADER Water Shoes Review 2019


Today I’m going to describe to you about ALEADER Water Shoes a lot of people use their tennis shoes while kayaking or playing around in the water or trekking near the water and a lot of times that’s just fine but tennis shoes are made to be on the tennis court or on the pavement for the most part and they lack some features that work really well in the water tennis shoes don’t drain well then may not have a really grippe sole they have standard cotton laces which are a lot of times hard to tie or untie.

It also has a pull tap at the heel that gets it helps you get your foot in and out it has a really nice rubber protected toe cap and you can see mesh up here rubber all the way around, so I really protect my feet at the bottom you see these mesh screens that allows awesome water drainage so easy on easy off really grippe sole with lots of grooves in it for traction and excellent drainage really good for those days, where you’re going to be in your kayak and playing around in the water.

So it’s super comfortable, I have a removable molded foot sole, so I get a little bit of added protection there and really cool about this you can see I have a heel cap, so if I’m using this in an area where really want this cinch down tight I can have my heel inside there but if I want to be able to slip in and out of it real easy because I’m getting in and out of my Boulder getting in and out of the water.

New Look of ALEADER Women’s Mesh Slip on Water Shoe


I can actually step on that heel cap and it becomes a scandal hence the word or hence the name hydro Terra scandal another neat feature about this shoe is it has a speed lace system, so I can pull it pull my laces tight slide that down and I’m locked into the shoe. When I want to get out I just pull that and I’m out of the shoe so great option nice thing about the hydro terror also is it’s pretty stylish.

It can be worn with shorts or blue jeans it doesn’t just have to be a water shoe, so if you’re going from the water to the to grab some lunch or grab some dinner afterwards that shoe works really well for that another option from 510 you may know 510 from climbing women shoes but they also do a really great water chute called the water Tinny really nice protected toe cap really nice protected heel interior is neoprene.

Super comfortable for your feet and you can see here on the insole and on the outsole we’ve got drainage holes so we’ve got this mesh here. Which also drains so not maybe not as fast drainage as the scandal but still superfast drainage I got a lot of ankle protection this is a this is a great shoe for adventure race racers or King years people that are going to be on the water off. The water trekking through the woods and if you’re from you know if you’re familiar with five-ten you’ll recognize the sole.

Performance of ALEADER Women’s Mesh Slip on Water Shoe


This great sand wash opening which allows you to tilt your foot back and get a little more material out of the back of the shoe and you know as with the sandal you can in a pinch use this shoe as handle as a sandal if you want to walk in and out of it if you’re taking it on and off the back heel really steps down nicely, so you can do that traditional lacing system but they are synthetic laces, so they’re a little bit better than cotton laces.

so you can you know maybe tie and untie them a little easier really nice comfortable insole and if any of you folks are familiar with barefoot shoes like VI Bram Five-fingers or Merrill bare access shoes these are zero drop meaning there is no elevation change to the soul from your hero heel to your toe and you know that may or may not be important to you.

But if you’re used to wearing barefoot shoes these are going to these are going to feel really similar but give you some of the protection and some of the benefits you’d want out there other water, so hopefully I’ve given you enough information to go out make an informed decision about your water shoes have a great and safe time out on the water you.



  • Rubber sole
  • Water Grain outer sole
  • Sockliner
  • breathability and quick drying
  • Exceptional support
  • Light weighted


  • Narrow tip
  • Design is not attractive
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