Best Asics Gel-Fit Nova Women Training Shoe Review

Asics Gel Fit Nova Womens Cross Training Shoe

Today’s review is of the Asics Gel-Fit Nova I had a lot of trouble with them long ago when I first started running it was the first shoe that I ran in and over the course of time just kind of caused problems. I ended up transferring to other types of shoes other brands and just went through the whole gamut it is a good shoe is it a shoe that I like to run in is it the conveyor killer that some people have claimed. It is well I’ve got some unfortunate news for you I have had some pretty big issues with it. While it does have some good qualities going for it they’re kind of outweighed by the negatives

So let’s talk about these things shall we as always let’s start with things that I like about the Asics Gel-Fit Nova burst through upper completely seamless nice and stretchy plenty of toast play action going on the upper on this shoe is dynamite minimal overlays minimal stitching across the entire top. I almost want to say this comes in as one of the top uppers that consider this a pretty damn solid our light under eight ounces about seven point eight ounces that makes for wonderfully light shoes.

Which I totally dig if you’re familiar with this shoe you know that I like a good light shoe and this one fits the bill fast the EBA midsole material also known as so light is quite a bit more responsive than I was expecting just looking at the shoe. You think it’s just a bit of midsole and a nice upper and it makes for cushioned drive but the truth is it’s more responsive than it is cushioned. Which I’ll get to some of my dislikes but that does translate to a shoe that responds well to a high cadence and speed definitely a bit more minimal more racy and unfortunately that’s it for likes.

Appearance of Asics Gel-Fit Nova Women’s Cross-Training Shoe

Asics Gel Fit Nova Womens Cross Training Shoe

It’s time to move on to the dislikes first thing I notice in this shoe and I could not shake it no matter how many miles I put in it heel drop now I’ve had experiences with other shoes in the past where the heel drop is a bit larger but feels more minimal in this case. It’s the opposite with a six millimeter heel drop. It’s kind of in my sweet spot but man if it didn’t feel like it was 12 to 15 millimeters now there’s going to be people out there they’re like how do you even feel that difference for me in this shoe.

It involved constant heel touching every stride no matter how much I try to push up into my forefoot it felt like I was dragging my heel behind me and when you notice that on every step it becomes super bothersome super tedious and you’re wondering is it my stride is it the shoe. It’s the ship too responsive now there are some people out there that would consider this a light but for me a shoe that is too responsive becomes uncomfortable especially for the longer runs.

Performance of Asics Gel-Fit Nova Women’s Cross-Training Shoe

Asics Gel Fit Nova Womens Cross Training Shoe

If I’m running a 5k or a 10k I can see where this might fit into my rotation but man that’s about all I could really do in this shoe anything over six to ten miles really tore up my calves I just could not put long miles in this shoe comfortably slappy now. The last thing you want to bug you while you’re running is a nice loud slapping noise coming from your feet yeah drove me crazy and finally its Achilles heel now in the version to which I never ran in I noticed that the heel had a nice cutout for the Achilles back here in the rear of the shoe but the third version does not have that cutout in fact.

I do know a lot of you running it out there and get PR is in it and run fast in it. So what am I missing guys help me out here and that brings you to the question of the day have you run in the Asics Gel-Fit Nova. I wanted to love this shoe so much I wanted a nice light flexible shoe with a six pushing and comfortable.



  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch
  • Synthetic and mesh upper with lace-up closure
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Low-profile midsole
  • Seamless construction


  • Size issue
  • Narrow tip
  • Difficult to wear in as it takes time
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