Best Asics Gel 190 Tr Womens Cross-Training Shoe Review

Asics Gel 190 Tr Womens Cross Training Shoe

Today I am reviewing the Asics Gel 190 Tr Womens Running shoe these guys right here so it kind of took me a while I hope you enjoy it let’s get into it okay. So here’s the deal with the Asics Gel 190 Tr. I’m going to try and keep this is one of the best if not the best-running shoe brand out there I mean we’ve got Saucony and Newton running Brookes Adidas all sorts of brands but you can’t go running shoe shopping without at least considering Asics

I think the Gel-kayano series is the best from Asics maybe the Gel Nimbus but these are some really great running shoes overall the Asics Gel 190 Tr were just about perfect. If you are running long short whatever distances they are still a fantastic option and really with the Asics Gel 190 Tr didn’t make a whole lot of changes beyond the upper that said. I do prefer the Asics Gel 190 Tr because of that new upper it’s lighter it’s more breathable more flexible and just feels better on your foot like you have less overall material holding you down it’s pretty cool. It also meant that the shoes dried faster and they held less water when I went running in the rain.

Features of Asics Gel 190 Tr Women’s Cross-Training Shoe

Asics Gel 190 Tr Womens Cross Training Shoe

So that’s good as well other than that the Asics Gel 190 Tr are pretty much the same thing as a Asics Gel Craze Tr 4 and that’s not a bad thing we’re looking at a 10 millimeter heel to toe drop which is about perfect if you ask me the outsole is super cushiony and provides great bounce back like really good stuff. I’ve tried out a lot of shoes that are really cushiony but don’t like fight back a little bit and I don’t like that.

This is the ASIS Gel 190 Tr are from a six this shoe has a leather and mesh upper with synthetic overlays that give it a great look at the top you’ll find a lace-up closure for a secure fit along with a padded collar and tongue to provide comfort the inside also gives you soft mesh lining along with a removable insole. So you can customize your comfort if you need to on the bottom of the shoe. You’ll find the spe VA midsole that improves bounce back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown and the very bottom gives you a textured and durable outsole that is flexible

So you’re going to get some spring from the Gel-kayano series also the weight is about 10 to 11 ounces depending on your size and then your gender but the point is that they’re not really crazy heavy or anything you don’t have a ton of weight on your feet. They have a really soft inside sock liner which is great feels nice on your feet they do fit one half size small. So that meant I’m going to go up to a nine from an eight and a half but I think that’s about standard with most Asics and then you’ve got good tread on the bottom you won’t be taking them on the trail or anything but for us out here on the streets.

Appearance of Asics Gel 190 Tr Women’s Cross-Training Shoe

Asics Gel 190 Tr Womens Cross Training Shoe

They got a pretty good tread they’ve also got good lock down plenty of lace hoops no cramping nothing like that no big deal overall really nice stuff. I know Asics is probably going to have my head for omitting some of the stuff that I did but I think that is most of the story they say the heel has been redesigned but I didn’t really notice if I’m being honest the toe area might be a little bit more snug now .

I actually like that the heel and the forefoot still have a lot of cushioning and there’s some really great color options and I think overall they look nice like they’re a good looking shoe. I don’t know I don’t want to act all fancy by naming off all the technologies that are supposedly in this shoe. I think there is great running shoe I will be wearing them multiple times per week.

I think that really says something but does that mean that you should run out and buy them perhaps look if you do buy them you’ll almost certainly love them but the price is kind of steep. I think that you’re going to be really happy but if you don’t want to spend 160 bucks I’m sure the Asics Gel Craze Tr 3 will be just fine for you. I do hope you enjoyed it I put up the stuff to be helpful and I hope you liked it.



  • 100% Synthetic
  • Shaft measures approximately 2.25″ from arch
  • Rubber sole
  • Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe
  • Width Specific: Designed and built on lasts and molds that are tooled specifically to designated widths.


  • No cons yet.
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