Adidas Ultra Boost Best Running Shoe of All-Time 2019 Review

At the point when Adidas uncovered the Adidas Ultra Boost in 2015, they guaranteed it was “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever.” Indeed, even with Adidas remarkable history of creating world-class athletic footwear, this was an elevated explanation to make. In any case, the brand realized that the tennis shoe they had made far surpassed running kicks principles. What they didn’t know was that its effect would reach a long way past that, overflowing into the design world and changing tennis shoe culture. 

adidas ultra boost review


Innovation of Adidas Ultra Boost Technology

Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 is the world’s first 3D-weaved running shoe, intended to stream with frequent running movement and spot you closer to the innovation for greatest solace and more vitality return than any other time in recent memory. Movement weave development through the midfoot feels like a subsequent skin, made of melded yarn that offers the ideal parity of help and adaptability. Another combination technique dispenses with layers of glue, giving moment step in solace and an immediate association with the consistent Prime weave upper and Boost padded sole. A 3D heel casing takes into account heel development and weight dissemination with each progression. At last, a re-designed padded sole upgrade Boost innovation with a 20% expansion in vitality come back to fuel your run. 

Getting Started with Boost

Lift innovation is regularly demonstrated as one of the most game-changing developments to ever hit the shoe advertise. It was structured not for sneakerheads, yet was as a matter of first importance as a footwear innovation for competitors — both expert and beginner. Adidas Ultra Boost offered remarkable degrees of solace and guaranteed 20% more vitality return than standard EVA elastic, setting a new benchmark for how an apex execution shoe could feel and perform. Included many welded together white “vitality cases,” it was in a split second conspicuous, which just added to its road cred. 

What is Adidas Ultra Boost 19?

This Adidas Ultra boost 19 shoe has a noteworthy 29mm impact point, and a 19mm forefoot developed from Boost foam which gives the shoe a lively feel. Including a Primeknit upper and a 3D heel edge, the shoe comes in at a moderate load of 10.9 ounces. 

Adidas Ultra Boost

Most Crossfit Shoes in a similar field as the Adidas Ultraboost 19s are commonly both less expensive and lighter, so Adidas is likely accepting the advantage of Boost froth joined with the structures of the upper draw in sprinters. 

Difference between Adidas Ultraboost & Ultraboost 19?

Notwithstanding every one of the changes, the shoe is a similar cost as the first. The first Adidas Ultraboost didn’t have as much Boost foam, so every footfall wasn’t as delicate all things considered in the Ultraboost 19. The first likewise had an increasingly organized upper with not as much stretch and less breathability. 

A Technological Tipping Point

The Adidas Ultra Boost united three of Adidas’ apex advancements—Primeknit, Boost, and Torsion. Even though they’d all recently showed up on different models, this was the first run through Adidas had coordinated its most exceptional upper innovation with a bleeding-edge Boost padded sole, steady Torsion bar, and hardwearing Continental elastic outsole. 

Each component of the tennis shoe overflowed advancement, yet its plan was still incredibly wearable. Dissimilar to standard execution kicks, its marginally chunkier sole, cozy sewed upper, and TPU heel casing and binding pen set it apart from anything available at the time; it without any assistance set another benchmark for how a running shoe could perform, feel, and look. 

Adidas Ultra Boost Style/Construction


Primeknit first showed up on the adiZero at the 2012 Olympic Games. Three years taking shape, it utilized a bleeding-edge designing innovation to weave, as opposed to the line, The upper, making it consistent, lightweight, fitted to the foot and delivered with insignificant waste. 

Lift Midsole

Adidas created the material used to make Boost, yet by the world’s biggest synthetic maker, BASF. Overwhelmed by its noteworthy vitality returning property, Adidas authorized the innovation and made the main sole utilizing Boost in 2013. 

Heel Frame

Built for execution purposes, the heel edge ensured sprinters a cozy and secure fit around the heel. With it’s in a conspicuous flash shade and printed dark and silver “Ultraboost” lettering, the heel casing wound up one of the tennis shoe’s most essential parts. 

Torsion Bar

First presented in 1988, the Torsion bar is an essential component of any Adidas running shoe. Made of a supple thermoplastic material, it sits under the curve of the foot and supports its regular movement by permitting the fore-and rearfoot to move autonomously. 

Adidas Ultra Boost Build to Perform

The Adidas Ultra Boost was the aftereffect of some genuine out-of-the-crate thinking, numerous long periods of research, and endless rounds of testing on the track and in the lab. “The plan procedure resembled preparing a world-class competitor. Ability is nothing without diligent work, practice, disappointment, and learning. We saw stunning potential in the Boost compound and the new upper ideas, yet we needed to figure out how to utilize them to amplify their potential.”

“We failed with some prototypes, but with each failure, we learned something new, and it helped us to create the very best version of the Adidas Ultra Boost.”

Moritz Hoellmueller, Design Director Adidas running.

Adidas Ultra Boost Review

Best Shoe Cushioning Technology

The Adidas Ultra Boost is delicate, significantly more than lesser Boost models, for example, the Glide. The excellent heel quality is practically identical to the Energy Boost 2, yet with one noteworthy contrast – the padded sole is unquestionably progressively responsive. That is brought about by two variables. If you somehow happened to take a glance at the padded sole heel top down, you will see that a decent bit of the Boost foam sticks outwards, alongside the outsole lip. A reasonable piece of Boost Foam sticks outwards, causing the padded sole to spread and flex longer on heel strike. It is genuine notwithstanding for the average and parallel side of the heel, where the lower area of the Boost padded sole spreads out more extensive. Also, a more extensive flare on the lower padded bottom makes a more prominent diverge from the upper segment, which at that point turns out to be generally smaller. To put it plainly, this was the situation on the Energy Boost 2 as well, yet on the Ultra, this structure angle has been highlighted. 

Adidas Ultra Boost 19We additionally saw that the upper portion of Ultra’s Boost froth padded sole has a smooth surface, contrasted with a blackout ribbing running over the lower segment. Couldn’t tell whether this has any effect on padding, yet realize that the Energy Boost’s padded sole had ribbing going over the whole padded bottom. The Boost padded sole is etched such with the goal that the smooth upper part is smaller than the ribbed base it sits on. 

In this way, with the additional foam standing out and the padded sole chiseling worked in, two or three things occur on back foot strike – a typical case of circumstances and logical results. Since there’s more Boost froth accessible for foot strike, the arrival causes the padded sole to flex outwards, expanding the spring back levels marginally. Furthermore, as a result of the way how the thin area of Boost is furrowed over a more extensive base, there is a particular pistoning impact. The impact which has the smaller froth sink in and returns out not long after weight pushes ahead. In essential words, it just feels like you’re squishing a more significant measure of formed Boost particle under your foot contrasted with some other Boost running shoe. 

Under the heel territory, the Energy Boost 2 feels milder than the Ultra, and we can consider two reasons why that is. The insole utilized on the EB-2 is a lot thicker than Ultra’s, and that makes some portion of the ride feel milder. The other part impacting everything here is the sheer stack tallness and sole padded structure of the Energy Boost.  At its thickest point, the sole padded stature is more prominent on the Energy than the Ultra, and by coming up short on a more extensive base, foot-strikes on the Energy feel somewhat one-dimensional. By and by, we incline toward the more unique or layered padding character of the Ultra Boost. The Ultra holds the mark ride character of Adidas’ abundantly touted padded sole froth, yet with a couple of changes, it figures out how to convey a marginally unique interpretation of the experience. 

Transformation Progress in Adidas Ultra Boost

The thing to think about the Adidas Ultra Boost is that the front and back piece of the padded sole work together as two separate parts. In the end, a padded ride spoils your heel as clarified in the padding breakout. The scene changes as the padded sole decrease down to a slenderer forefoot, where the center changes to conveying a more elevated amount of ground feel. It is as yet quilted, indeed, however a long way from the last transport stop.

Adidas Ultra Boost Reviews


The whole shoe never goes anyplace – the punctured Strobel and a comparable delicate elastic outsole permit the Boost froth to change forthcoming what’s more, delicately. The front and back padded sole feel were altogether different – delicate versus insignificant individually. An outsole angle enables changes for back to foot/impact point strikers. 

In this way, the progress isn’t natural, and that is one reason why the Adidas Ultra Boost won’t cut it as a shoe for speed-work. It’s remarkably a shoe you can do preparing keeps running in, with separation no item. If you genuinely need a quick shoe, better to have a couple of Boston 5 Boost to turn with this fellow. 

The stoutness of Adidas Ultra Boost

There are bolster components like the average Torsion dam and impact point counter, yet the Adidas Ultra Boost is somewhat more foot move cordial than the Energy or Glide Boost.  Last yet not least is the point of how the Ultra does on soundness. The upper may be immovably tied down to an inflexible midfoot pen and impact point counter, yet the padded sole doesn’t have the edge which structures a piece of models, for example, the Glide and Energy Boost. 

Adidas Ultra Boost

In this way, the Ultra’s ride is somewhat bouncier and increasingly helpless to empowering internal foot-roll. The scooped padded sole (the part which cylinders) assists with looking after help, yet despite everything, it feels somewhat shaky contrasted with Boost shoes built with padded sole edges. And yet, we need to recall that the Adidas Ultra Boost is especially an unbiased shoe, and the padded sole conduct is well inside the limits of that. No monkey business here; this shoe is no Pure Boost. 

In the wake of having taken a gander at the Adidas Ultra Boost from various wear-test edges, our supposition is as per the following: The shoe has numerous things working for it, similar to the mark ride which is a piece of the Boost stage, an upper fit which feels cozy yet agreeable, and progress quality which feels incredible for a shoe this padded. However, regions like premature outsole wear, a squashy toe-box and the unwanted weight from the midfoot enclosure make an imprint in the German brand’s ‘most prominent running.

  • Adidas Ultra Boost had a fashionable design
  • Continental Rubber Outsole helps with grip in wet and dry road conditions
  • Sockfit technology for added comfort and support
  • Ideal for both an athletic shoe and a choice for casual walks
  • Midsole unit felt lightweight
  • Comfortable during running sessions
  • Energy-Returning Boost™ Technology was highly efficient
  • External heel counter kept the back of the foot in place
  • Capacity to last long, even after many runs
  • Price for a pair of the Adidas Ultra Boost was considered by many to be expensive
  • Raised traction nodes of the outsole wore off quickly
  • Rubber outsole may wear down faster
  • The shoe stains easily


The Adidas Ultra Boost got a ton of acclaim for its engaging look, its sturdy parts and the responsiveness of its mid-sole. Numerous sprinters had the option to remain agreeable all through their running exercises. A ton concurred that the cost was expensive, yet they additionally remarked that it merited the speculation given its overall quality. This street shoe turned out to be exceptionally suggested by unbiased sprinters. Adidas Ultra Boost offers a remarkable style and astonishing highlights. It additionally provides incredible responsiveness of the padded sole. Any sprinter will have the option to remain alright with the stretchy upper. Their padded sole makes the cost of this shoe a profoundly worth venture. If you weren’t dazzled with this shoe a year ago, it might merit looking again, since specific updates and enhancements have been made. Now This may be the ideal shoe for the impartial sprinter.


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